Agenda for the next meeting

Agenda for November 2019





I hereby give you notice that the NEXT MEETING of the Little Clacton Parish Council will be held at the Youth and Community Centre, Plough Corner on MONDAY

4th November 2019, at 7.30pm 


Dan Land

Clerk to the Council







  1. Welcome
  2. Obituary
  3. Public Forum
  4. Apologies for Absence
  5. Minutes of Meetings held on 7th October 2019
  6. Clerk’s Report
  7. Chairman’s Report
  8. Crime Prevention and Report on Special Constable Cllr Hull
  9. Working Party Reports
    1. Maintenance and Services                                                 Cllr S Rowland
    2. Footpaths                                                                         Cllr L Gray / Cllr J Jeffries
    3. Parish Lights                                                 Cllr A Mitchell
    4. Highways/Devolution                                                  Chairman
    5. Planning                                                 Cllr J Taylor
      1. Applications received
      2. Approvals and Refusals
  • Local Plan
  1. Internet
  2. TDALC                                                 Cllr D Botterell
  3. Little Clacton Playing Field Trust                                                Cllr J-S Daye / Chairman
    Report on Parish Fields Upgrade / Steering Group Recommendations on Tender

    1. The council is asked to note that it has offered a contract for refurbishment of the Games Area as specified by the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 and confirms that the Proposed Contractor meets the specifications given.
    2. Motion to council: To appoint Outdoor Places as the approved contractor for the refurbishments of the games area; subject to satisfactory finalisation of specifications.
    3. Motion to council: The Council authorises the refurbishment working group to resolve any outstanding contract and specification issues up to a maximum of £140k.
    4. Clerk to seek Grants to help towards project.
    5. To hear a proposal for WIFI installation at the village hall from Cllr Botterell
  4. Village Hall                                                                Cllr P De Vaux Balbirnie
  5. Millennium Green                                                                                      Cllr M Balbirnie
  6. District Councillor report                                                                      Cllr J Bray
  7. Correspondence
  8. Card received – thank you
  9. The council is asked to consider joining Great Bentley, Alresford & St Osyth Councils to see if you we would be interested in taking out insurance cover against CYBER threats. making 4 Parishes sharing £299 which = £74.75 per Parish.
  10. Motion to Council: Consider the quote to have the trees cut back at the end of Harwich Road (Kendalls)
  11. Cheque and Finance Authorisation Items deemed urgent by the Chairman
    1. Motion to Council: To approve 12 electronic monthly salary payments of the clerk’s salary (within a range of £1.00) based on the tax code monthly variation.
    2. Motion to Council: The council agrees that, from this point forward, to approve electronic payments to HMRC (Tax) and LGPS (Essex County Council pensions)
    3. Motion to Council: The council agrees that, from this point forward, Direct Debits are setup for payments to utility companies / website hosting etc (e.g. EON).
  12. Remembrance Day Memorial Clean Up
  13. Agenda items for next meeting

    Date and Time of December meeting


Monday 2nd December 2019 at 7.30pm at the Youth and Community Centre, Plough Corner