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6th August 2018 AT 7.30 PM


Chairperson:  J Cutting

Councillors: M Balbirnie, P De Vaux Balbirnie, R Bellamy, D Botterell, L Gray, L Moules, S Rowland, J Taylor, B Ward.            

Tendring District Councillor Mike Brown

Clerk: Mrs G Loach

12 residents

Residents were given time to speak before the meeting began.

Residents asked when the bridle path at the end of Elm Lane, St Osyth Lane and Dead Lane would be cut back. The brambles are now so high that riders are getting injuries and coming back with scratches and bruising after going out on their horses. The Chairman offered to write to ECC to request that something is done urgently, and Councillor Bellamy suggested that the residents gave details of the injuries that they had incurred to give weight to the letter.

Another resident complained about the speed of traffic along Harwich Road. The Chairman said that this was an ongoing issue and a discussion about speed watch and other measures taken by the Council to slow cars down ensued.


Apologies were received this month from Essex County Councillor Andy Erskine,

District Councillor Jeff Bray, and Parish Councillors M Reed, J Rowland and J Smith-Daye.


The minutes were agreed by all and signed by the Chairman as a true record of the meeting on the 2nd July.


The Chairman reported that the pavement issues had gone to the press, but still nothing has happened to fix the problem.


The Chairman reported that he has been chasing outstanding issues this month. A Freedom of Interest request was sent to the Police regarding speed checks in the Little Clacton area. No reply has been received yet. He is also waiting for information regarding the locating of VAS signs. Regarding the parking at Engines School, the Pelican crossing was requested from Highways, but the survey that they carried out was not at the busy time, and they didn’t feel that a crossing was warranted. A request has been sent in to re-do the survey.  Drainage issues at Little Clacton have been resurfacing during the recent storms and related flooding. The drains are not sufficient to cope with flash floods.


(a) Highways

The Chairman reported that issues were ongoing, but nothing new to report.


Councillor S Rowland read out a report of the crime numbers for May and June. May – Total 11: Violence and sexual offences – 2, Public Order – 1, ASB – 7, Vehicle Crime – 1.

In June, there was only 1 crime recorded, for Public Order.

The Chairman reminded everyone to be vigilant and not leave windows and doors open in the hot weather when going out.

Councillor S Rowland also reported that he had received a reply Fromm ECC regarding Speed Kills signs. Those signs are from a previous initiative and are not to be used now.


(a) Maintenance and Services

Councillor S Rowland reported that a panel of the bus shelter was broken in the Street. Chairman agreed that Alan should look at it with a view to carry out light repairs if necessary.

The Chairman asked if the Jubilee Seat could be cleaned along with the Little Clacton entry signs. Councillor S Rowland said he would look into it.

(b) Street lights

The Chairman reported that a lamp column had been repaired and there was now a problem reported about the lamp columns in Galloway drive. A & J lighting are to be asked to look at the status. Last month Councillor B Ward and Mrs Ward had covered the scouting for lights broken, while Councillor Reed is recovering from a hip replacement.


(c) Footpaths

The footpath issues are ongoing, no report of anything new.


(d) Planning and Development

(i) The Chairman reported on the following:

18/00949/FUL– Ewden Yard Holland Road CO16 9QN This is a renewal Application from an approved application from 2015. In that approved application the PO stated that the building should be no higher than 2 metres as it would have a detrimental impact on the countryside. This application wishes to change the height to 6 meters.

Recommend Refusal


18/01111/FUL – 110 Holland Road CO16 9NJ.


Proposed single storey side extension.

Recommend Approval

18/01139/FUL – Land adjacent Amida Betts Green Road CO16 0NH


Outline approval has already been given.

Recommend Approval



18/01189/FUL – St Olaves Grove Road. CO16 9NG – Variation of Conditions


Approval already given. Looking to change internal spec to comply with building regs. P.O to check and make conditions if necessary.

Recommend Approval



(ii). Determinations:

18/00669/FUL – 153 Harwich Rd CO16 9NL

Replacement dwelling – Approval already given on 1st August 2018.

The Chairman read out the determinations made by the Planning Group above. Councillor Taylor proposed the comments, Councillor M Balbirnie seconded and all agreed.


(iii) Local Plan – The Chairman reported that the Local Plan was still ongoing. There were no new issues. The Centenary Way application appeal is still waiting for the Inspectors report. District Councillor Bray sent a good response to the latest email.


(e) Business and Organisation Group

Grant requests have been requested form St James Church and the historical record keeper for Little Clacton.

Councillor Ward proposed £2,200, the same as last year, for St James Church towards the churchyard upkeep, Councillor Botterell seconded and all agreed.

Councillor De Vaux Balbirnie proposed £100 for the Historical Record Keeper, Councillor Botterell seconded and all agreed.

The Chairman reported that a lime tree was so overgrown that the mowers cannot get under it to maintain the greensward, and the bench cannot be sat on by residents. Cochranes have quoted £500 plus VAT for lifting the crown. It will be paid from the maintenance budgets, which are underspent due to reduced grass cutting in the heat wave.


The Chairman stated that the website was all running up to date.

  1. TDALC

Councillor Botterell reported that the EALC were running lots of courses presently, and there was possible funding available. At the EALC AGM later in the year, the Police Commissioner and others will be attending. Details will be given nearer the time.

There were lots of Parishes that did not like the car rally which went on in May. The Clerk is to write to say if our Parish support or are against the rally.  Councillor Botterell stated that it didn’t affect Little Clacton very much, and he was for it.

He also reported that there was funding available for parishes. Councillor Moule asked if funding could be used to pay a contractor to cut back the bridleways. Enquiries are to be made.


There has been a very busy time at Plough Corner. The Relay for Life event took place on 14th/15th July with record numbers of teams and spectators. Three football teams are playing friendly matches on Saturdays and Sundays in preparation for the forthcoming season.


The Car Boot season continues with increasing numbers of both buyers and sellers each week. One sale had to be cancelled due to rain on 29th July and there will be no sale on 26th August when the Classic Car show will be held. It is hoped to fit in another 2 to 3 sales in September before the start of the football season.


The Dog Show due to be held on 4th August was cancelled due to health concerns for dogs during the heat wave. The show has been rescheduled for Saturday 8th September.


On a negative note some young residents do not seem to appreciate the facilities available to them at Plough Corner and after using the football goals which had been left out for their use, they chose to leave bottles and cans on the field. More seriously they have also chosen to throw glass bottles over onto the tennis court causing them to break up and create a safety hazard.  The groundsman clears up the best he can, but small shards get left in the surface. Two members of the public who use the courts on a regular basis approached us at the weekend to say that they had come to play but felt it was too dangerous for them to continue.  The management at Essex Cares are also experiencing the same problem. What a shame we no longer have a PCSO to keep an eye open for this sort of behaviour.


The Youth and Community Hall is also busy with some clubs returning shortly after their summer breaks, as well as those who continue through the year. The Coin and Stamp fair was held on 4th August with another scheduled for 6th October.


  1. a) Tenders for Upgrade

The Chairman reported on the upgrade of the tennis courts. The Business Group met 2 or 3 months ago. Veritas have sent a specification for the work, and after checking with them, the Chairman said we are to use that as the basis for our tenders.  The Clerk will send out the tender requests. The Chairman asked the Council if they agreed so far.  Councillor De Vaux Balbirnie proposed, Councillor Ward seconded, and all agreed.



Keith Dwan, World class martial arts tuition is to start in the Village Hall. Kettlebells have been running for a few months now. Vandals have been in the playground and have badly damaged a child’s swing seat. Their photos have been captured on CCTV and the issue is being dealt with. Grant funding has been applied for to decorate the outside and for a new ceiling inside.  Football teams and clubs are all going well.



Councillor Balbirnie reported that all was going well, and the Green is looking really good now, and how it should be. All the furniture has been fitted. A good job was done, although we did have to wait a long time.  The trees are due to be trimmed for the underhanging boughs, for health and safety reasons. Residents have commented how lovely it looks. The pond still has problems but looks really nice at present. The Chairman stated that he was impressed with Councillor Balbirnie and her team and how they had done such a good job of the Green.


  1. 13. ECC

No report this month.



District Councillor M Brown reported that he is now on the Scrutiny Committee and can say that Tendring District Council Finances are sound.

The TDC offices at Weeley are definitely to be sold and other TDC buildings are to be adapted to accommodate the staff.


EALC e- bulletins
HAGS Catalogue
Homeview Surveillance GDPR update and Maintenance Visit due
ECC Solar Together Essex
CPRE Countyside Voice
EALC Legal Update










The up to date balances of the Councils funds were noted.

Bank Loyalty reward 2.52
Total Receipts 2.52
Cheques issued:  £
Clacton Business Services Ltd (Qtly payroll) 36.00
Kendall Plus 463.94
Viking Ltd (inks and paper) 111.83
EALC (2 new Cllr books) 10.70
Eon (July) 139.65
A Harmon (Bench Maintenance) 176.00
GB Maintenance 80.00
Bank Charges 16.75


The cheques for the month were proposed by Councillor Botterell, seconded by Councillor Taylor and all agreed.


The Chairman reported that Clacton Hospital is to merge with Harwich Hospital, by moving two wards over. Minor Injuries are to stay at Clacton, along with a large hub super surgery.


Councillor De Vaux Balbirnie welcomed the two new councillors on behalf of the parish council.

Councillor Taylor asked about the Christmas lights on the green. Councillor S Rowland confirmed that nothing has been done yet. The Chairman agreed to get together with Councillor S Rowland to arrange for the work to be done.

Councillor M Balbirnie asked if the parish booklet could be updated. Councillor Bellamy said that the reason it wasn’t updated before was that the website was created, and it was very expensive to get printed and distribute to all parishioners.

Councillor Moule reported that contractors were parking on the greensward and there were up to 9 earlier today. The company is Colchester Contracts. The Chairman is to contact District J Bray, who has been looking into this already.


There being no other business the chairman closed the meeting at 9.20pm.


The next parish meeting will be held at the Youth and Community Centre at 7.30pm on Monday, 3rd September 2018




3rd September 2018