Christmas & New Year Rubbish & Recycling Collection Arrangements

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Please see the below table for your revised collection date over the Christmas and New Year period.  Please present your waste and recycling on the boundary of your property by 7am on your revised collection day.

Normal CollectionRevised Collection
Monday 24th December 2018Monday 24th December 2018
Tuesday 25th December 2018Thursday 27th December 2018
Wednesday 26th December 2018Friday 28th December 2018
Thursday 27th December 2018Saturday 29th December 2018
Friday 28th December 2018Monday 31st December 2018
Monday 31st December 2018Wednesday 2nd January 2019
Tuesday 1st January 2019Thursday 3rd January 2019
Wednesday 2nd January 2019Friday 4th January 2019
Thursday 3rd January 2019Saturday 5th January 2019
Friday 4th January 2019Monday 7th January 2019
Monday 7th January 2019Tuesday 8th January 2019
Tuesday 8th January 2019Wednesday 9th January 2019
Wednesday 9th January 2019Thursday 10th January 2019
Thursday 10th January 2019Friday 11th January 2019
Friday 11thJanuary 2019Saturday 12th January 2019

All collections return to normal week commencing Monday 14th January 2019.

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