Speeding Complaint

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Hello John,


I’m trying to check up what we may have done in this area, and am also checking what speed data may currently exist that helps us when looking at times / locations to enforce. If the County Council don’t have anything current, I’ll try to get some carried out.


What I have done meantime is to seek some assistance from some traffic trained Special Constables, and I have included these roads in a request to them. If they are able to visit the area, I have asked for some feedback from them. We may also soon have a little more capacity with the use of the Trucam device, (basically a very advanced speed gun), and based on what evidence I can gather from any speed surveys, will be putting this area forward for consideration of Trucam deployment.


Many thanks,


Trevor Stubbington

Traffic Management Officer

Community Engagement Team

Casualty Reduction Section

Direct Dial: 01245 452280


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Subject: Fw: Speeding Complaint.


Hi Trevor,

I am sending this complaint direct to you as it is part of the mounting complaints that we as a Parish council are now receiving on a meeting by meeting basis and regular phone calls. We were asked at the last PC meeting to write yet again to see if some kind of Police speed presence could be installed in the village. The 3 main speeding areas are The Street, Harwich Rd and Weeley Rd. Your help in this would be greatly appreciated.


Many Thanks,

Cllr J Cutting Chairman LCPC


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To: John Cutting



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Date : 10/07/2016 – 23:12 (GMTDT)
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Subject : Speeding Complaint.

Dear Chairman


Please find attached a letter that we recently  sent to Essex County Council.

This was in relation to  the speed of the traffic on The Street.


I realised that I should have sent you, the Parish Council a copy, apologies for not having sent this earlier.