View Planning Applications and Comment

There are limits to the range of concerns that a planning authority is allowed to take into account when making decisions. Here are some of the valid planning matters that you may wish to comment on :-

  • Planning Policy and Case Law.
  • Previous decisions on the same site or in comparable circumstances.
  • Design, size, appearance and layout.
  • Effects on amenity, loss of light, overshadowing, loss of privacy, noise,¬†or odour nuisance.
  • Impact on trees, landscape, nature conservation, listed buildings or¬†conservation areas.
  • Highways safety, traffic and parking.

Objecting to a planning application does not necessarily mean it will be refused and the number of comments received about an application is less important than the type of comments received.

Issues that cannot normally be considered are :-

  • Effects on property values.
  • Loss of a view.
  • Competition with an existing business.
  • Land ownership or boundary disputes.
  • Restrictive covenants, private rights or easements.
  • Personal circumstances of the applicant.
  • Preference for an alternative development.

For further information go to :- and then ‘View planning applications and comment’ or ‘Enforcement’ as appropriate.

A weekly list of Planning Applications and Decisions is also published on the planning portal.