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Chairperson:  J Cutting

Councillors: M Balbirnie, P De Vaux Balbirnie, L Gray, M Reed, J Rowland, S Rowland, R Smith, J Smith-Daye, B Ward.            

Tendring District Councillors Jeff Bray and Mike Brown

Essex County Councillor Andy Erskine

Clerk: Mrs G Loach


9 residents

Residents were given time to speak before the meeting began.


Apologies were received this month from Councillor H Smith.


The minutes were agreed by all and signed by the Chairman as a true record of the meeting on the 6th February.


The Chairman reported that he had received Councillor D Reed’s resignation. He thanked her for all her help with Parish issues. The vacancy has been advertised in the Parish Notice Boards in accordance with statute.

The Chairman reported that he had been enquiring about the process to make trespass by travellers a criminal charge, this was in response to a resident enquiry last month.


The Chairman reported that UK Power had been contacted about Harwich Road. The crowns have been lifted along Harwich Road by the tree surgeon. There was a break in at Parish Fields Pavilion. The manufacturing company are in discussions. It has been fixed now and it is secure. Police are dealing with it. The gate at the front entrance to Parish Fields has been repaired. The claims are going through. Prices are being sought for the rest and will be sent to insurers. Height barriers are to be added to the car park. The Chairman is meeting with suppliers on 7th March. A suggestion was made to use Block-locks or Blinders so that the locks cannot be ground down. Weeley Parish had trouble with the ordinary ones.

The Website is now ready for use. Councillor Ward reported that the vicar David Newman had recently died and the name needed to be removed from the website. The other Councillors praised the site and were happy for it to go live.

The Chairman had received a phone call about footpaths which he passed on to Councillor Gray. He had also sent an agenda item to TDALC about travellers.


(a) Highways

Councillor R Smith stated that he had done a watch along Holland Road. The traffic has been less lately, the increase before may have been because of roadworks. He had received some complaints about footpaths and pavements along Harwich Road.


Councillor J Rowlands reported that December there were 14 crimes, which is average for that time of year.

Speed watch

Councillor M Reed reported that he still needed to get the purchase price maintenance price and a coordinator to do checks. There were many rules to keep to. He will look at budgets for the VAS signs.


(a)Maintenance and Services

Councillor S Rowland stated that the quote for bollards had been obtained and the signs were still to get – as there is a choice. The Chairman said he would call a Business meeting to discuss costs and make a choice to recommend to Council. Councillor S Rowland will be asked to attend. Councillor S Rowland had received a quote from Peter for the bus shelters – to prepare, primer, and gloss for 7 shelters -£1700. The Clerk confirmed that budget was available. In addition, £209 to put the broken shelter right and repair the glass and roof. Councillor S Rowland Proposed the aforementioned costs, Councillor De Vaux Balbirnie seconded and all agreed.

Councillor S Rowland reported that the seats would be washed down for Easter. The bollards on Millennium Green corner are to be done as two have been knocked down.

(I) Street lights

Councillor M Reed reported that he had a meeting with UK power re: Harwich Road. They confirmed that the lights are still live. A lamp came off in the high winds. Another light on the Brays site is covered in ivy, which needs to be removed. The Clerk was asked to write to request the removal of the ivy.

(ii) Councillor Gray has spoken to the footpath officer who has a heavy workload presently and is due some leave, so the work will have to be done soon, as it is her case. A van had careered through a hedge in to Carters field, and unfortunately died. The Chairman hadn’t heard about it, but District Councillor Brown knew about it.

(b) Planning and Development

Councillor M Reed reported on the following:

 (i). Applications:

16/00525/OUT 266 Harwich Road CO16 9PX Proposed single dwelling.


Previously commented upon as cramped development by LCPC. This will add to the accumulative loss of properties with outside space suitable for the rural location in which it sits adding to the urbanisation currently being experienced in the area which the residents are unhappy with.

Recommend Refusal


17/00074/FUL Greengates Residential Park, Weeley Road Alteration of housing from 14/00159/FUL. LCPC had originally commented on the original application to what is a brownfield site.

Recommend Approval.


17/00285/FUL Adjacent 3 Edward Close CO16 9PR. The property will lack outside space and LCPC are suspicious that this is the beginning of a creeping development. The property is out of character with the properties currently within Edward Close.

Recommend Refusal.


17/00045/FUL 2 Cooks Green Farm Cottages CO16 9QH. Single storey front, side and rear extension including two storey side extension.

LCPC are concerned at the loss of off road parking to the front of the property which would require the need to park in the road which would create serious hazard to other road users in that location. Access to the rear of the property would be compromised by side extension.

Recommend Refusal.





 (ii) Determinations


Approved Full

Belacamanda 174 The Street CO16 9LX. Renewal of application 13/01430/FUL. Change of use no4 Amerells Road to C2 use to existing Care Home.



Approved Reserved Matters/Detail

Plots 3+4 Betts Green Road CO16 9NH. Proposed erection of 2 dwellings and associated works.



Approved Full

Plot 5 Betts Green Road CO16 9NH. New detached dwelling and garden room.



Condition 9 and 12 discharged

Land North East of Betts Green Road CO16 9NH. Discharge of Planning Condition 9 + 12 Planning Application 14/01668/OUT.

Reserved Matters/Detail

Land South of 54 Holland Road CO16 9RS. Construction of one bungalow and garage. Associated with application



16/02077/DETAIL Reserved Matters/Detail Land North of 54 Holland Road CO16 9RS. Construction of one bungalow and garage. Associated with application 15/00986/OUT

Approved Reserved Matters/Detail

Little Clacton Tennis Club CO16 9RS. Construction of 6 bungalows. Associated with application 15/00961/OUT


17/00169/TPO Approval Full 154 The Street CO16 9LS. Raise crown of Oak Tree and remove deadwood.
17/00168/TPO Approval Full T1 Ash 8 Leys Drive CO16 9RE. Remove limb and reduce/shape by 30%.

Councillor M Reed read out the determinations made by the Planning Group above and all agreed.


Councillor M Reed reported that he was going to visit the Planning Department with the comments above and ask about three particular applications:

Holly Lodge, can the two really big trees be added to the TPO list

Stone Hall, can the Parish Council have a plan of the TPO’s on site

Betts Green Road, the hedgerows should remain.

The Chairman asked the Council if he should contact the Planning Department to ask about the removal of conditions and if anyone was following them up. All agreed a letter should be sent to Head of Planning.

Iii) Local Plan – Councillor M Reed reported that the next local plan meeting would be in April, and that he had heard that Colchester were a month behind us on the Local Plan.

iv) Neighbourhood Plan – Nothing to report.

(c) Business and Organisation Group

i) Change of Financial Regulations

The Financial Regulations need to be updated, Councillor Smith Daye proposed that the Council agree to incorporate the change of text to include Direct Debits on the councils bank account for regular payments where agreed by the Business Group and then agreed by full council. Councillor M Balbirnie seconded and all agreed.


The Chairman stated that the website was up and running as discussed earlier in the report. All agreed to the change. The Chairman suggested we reward £100 to Mr Loach for his help developing the website. Councillor J Rowland proposed the £100 as a reward and Councillor Smith Daye seconded and all agreed.

  1. TDALC

Councillor M Reed reported that there would be a meeting at the end of next month. Although there was not a meeting this month there were repercussions from last month’s meeting, planning issues in particular. Cath Bicknell is to attend the next TDALC meeting, also The Police and Crime Commissioner Roger Hirst will be there.  The Chairman reported that he had asked that the Trespass Law was added to the agenda for next month, where the travellers could be prosecuted if it was made criminal law. The Proposal is to be lobbied to Government. The Chairman is to forward the proposal to District Councillor Bray and the others. District Councillor Bray said that there was District and County wide support.


The Chairman read out a Parish Fields report saying that the Youth and Community Hall and Playing Fields were being regularly use. The final work at the Pavilion is to be done shortly. The weather has been a factor. The work resulting from the break in has been fixed.


Councillor De Vaux Balbirnie reported that they had had the 2 oak trees cut back and the dead wood removed. During the high winds, 2 slates were lost from the Hall roof and they had to shut the car park to reduce damage from falling slates. The football pitches are all in use. The Rural Communities representative has mentioned the Village Hall in the latest magazine regarding the improvements to the Hall. There are openings for the Snooker table in the Hall, the booking clerk, Julie should be contacted for anyone interested.

The AGM will be held next Wednesday 15th March at 7.30pm at the Little Clacton Village Hall.


Councillor M Balbirnie reported that moles are enjoying the green at present and the daffodils are out.  Ducks are on the pond and a heron made a visit. In two weeks’ time, wild flower seed mix is to be planted. The AGM is to be held next Monday March 13th at 7pm at Parish Fields meeting room, Plough Corner.


  1. ECC

Essex County Councillor Erskine reported that Adult social care budgets have been all the discussions lately, but Highways budgets will be kept the same as in 2016/17.


District Councillor Bray read a report regarding the 5year housing supply.  He said that as houses were built they came off the total.  The train stations from Thorpe to Wivenhoe will no longer be manned. Network Rail are holding a consultation until 21st April. He had discussed the Betts Green Road Hedge with Tendring District Council and an enforcement Officer is to come and look at it.

District Councillor Brown reported that the Council had a problem getting things done. The Rangers had been contacted and agreed but couldn’t get signs from Highways. The Frating Slip Road litter pick had been arranged to coincide with the road being closed for roadworks, but it was too late and only two could do it. Then they were told they needed a training course. Even though the road was to be closed. The Chairman stated that as most of the litter had come from their Lorries, Veolia should do it. Highways England are responsible for it to be done, but their contractors are Veolia, so they must do it.

District Councillor Brown reported that the Tour De Tendring would be on 14th May.

EALC e- bulletins
UK Power Networks Power outage, then cancellation
Calor Gas Increase in Fees
Eon Increase in Contract Rates
RCCE 2017 Essex Rural Community of the Year
Broxap Spring Brochure



The up to date balances of the Councils funds were noted.

Receipts: £
Bank loyalty reward 1.93


Cheques issued: £
Viking 76.54
Eon (Feb) 455.02
Tendring Eldercare 100.00
Cochrane Tree Services ( Inv. 1083) 600.00
Cochrane Tree Services (Trees along Harwich Road) 4800.00
Viking ( inv.512134) 147.45
Homeview Surveillance 43.80
Total 6,946.19
Bank Charges (Feb) 12.50

The Chairman reported that the next meeting on Monday 3rd April was at the earlier time of 7pm and would be followed by the Annual Parish Meeting.


It was reported that a Veolia lorry was left running while the driver emptied a dog bin.

As there was no other business to discuss, the Chairman closed the meeting at 9.35pm.


The next meeting will be held at the Youth and Community Centre at 7.00pm on Monday, 3rd April 2017





3rd April 2017