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1st October 2018 AT 7.30 PM


Chairperson:  J Cutting

Councillors: M Balbirnie, P De Vaux Balbirnie, R Bellamy, D Botterell, L Gray, L Moules, M Reed, S Rowland, J Rowland, J Smith-Daye, J Taylor and B Ward

Tendring District Councillor Jeff Bray

Clerk: Mrs G Loach

4 Residents

Residents were given time to speak before the meeting began.

A resident asked if the Parish Council had received any news about Trucam? The Chairman said that he had received an email to say that the query has been passed to the LHP (Local Highways panel) and that they are not obliged to pass on information to us.


Apologies were received this month from Essex County Councillor Andy Erskine and District Cllr Mike Brown


Councillor De Vaux Balbirnie pointed out a correction to the Village Hall minute, which was corrected and signed by the Chairman. As there were no other changes, the minutes were proposed by the Chairman and all agreed, the Chairman then signed the minutes as a true record of the meeting on the 3rd September.


The Devolution email which was sent to the Clerk, was read out. The Chairman was suspicious that it would mean more work and no extra funds. However, it could be our chance to fix ongoing issues such as the pavements. It will stay on the agenda for next month.


The Chairman reported that we won the appeal! The Green gap policy was helpful. This is thanks to the Parish Councillors and District Councillors involved, and all their hard work.

He had a meeting with the Head Teacher from Engaines School, an update regarding the recent parking issues. The Head was appreciative of the bollards already installed.  County Councillor Erskine has been asked for an update and if the Local Highway Panel would re-survey for a pelican crossing. There are rubber strips across the road. In the meeting it was suggested that a voluntary drop-off was organised for a trial, so that cars flowed rather than clogged the road. Letters have been sent to parents.

The Chairman reported that the Organisation and Business Group and Steering Group met with Mike Letch regarding the upgrade. He will register us on Contract Finder, and he drafted a specification for us to discuss.


 (a) Highways

The Chairman reported about claiming back money from EEC for the cutting of trees along Harwich Road. He had received an email saying that their policy is not to cut trees. The Chairman said it is unlikely that we will get our money back.





(b) Pavement Parking Issues

Councillor Bellamy reported that he had been approached by a resident regarding pavement parking in Holland Road. Her elderly mother lives in The Street and has mobility problems requiring her to use a motorised buggy if she wants to avoid becoming housebound. On a recent trip out, she wished to visit a resident on Holland Road only to find that the pavement was blocked by a parked van leaving no space to pass other than by going into the roadway with all its inherent dangers. The matter was taken up with TDC who stated that it was not their responsibility. A similar response was received from ECC. The resident wishes to know if pavement parking causing an obstruction is legal and if not, who is responsible for enforcement action – ECC highways, TDC or The Police.

She has asked me to raise this matter with the Parish Council to see if they can assist in any way to preserve her mother’s already limited independent living arrangements and not increase her social isolation. I have a photo of the offending vehicle.

The Councillors discussed the matter, and it was agreed that the Parish would support her, but that it would have to be reported by the person affected. Councillors were asked to keep their eyes open and note bad parking by vans. District Councillor Bray said that he would speak to parking enforcement to do a sweep.


Councillor J Rowland read out a police report with the previous month figures, which included 2 bicycle thefts and 3 burglaries. There was nothing more to report about Specials at the moment. The Chairman suggested that residents check the Little Clacton Facebook page, to see local news stories.


(a) Maintenance and Services

Councillor S Rowland reported that the benches were washed. They did a good job, so they have been asked to clean then again when we deem necessary.

(b) Street lights

Councillor M Reed reported that some lights are still out, but these have been requested to be done. Andy from A & J Lighting Solutions has sent a report which says that the warranty doesn’t cover the lights that have been worn out so soon, which wasn’t what we thought. To be discussed next meeting.

Regarding Christmas Lights, a quote from A D Mitchell to upgrade to LED, 75 bulbs including labour and hire of a cherry picker to set them up would be £783 plus VAT. The other estimate was almost £1000.  Councillor S Rowland proposed that we went with A D Mitchell, Councillor J Rowland seconded, and all agreed.

(c)  Footpaths

Councillor Gray reported that the footpaths are running quiet. Councillor Ward reported that the Blacksmiths path is covered in stinging nettles.  Councillor Gray said that she would look into it.

(d) Planning and Development

(i) Councillor M Reed reported on the following:



Land Adj. 156 St Osyth’s Rd West


Whilst having no objections to the concept of the self-build to be consistent with the policy of LCPC we cannot support this application as it falls outside the settlement boundary. If Officers were mindful of approval, then conditions should be in place as to only 2 self builds be allowed on this area.

Recommend Refusal

18/01525/TPO 80 St Osyth Road East CO16 9NU. Lift 1 x Oak by 5m and reduce overhanging branches.

Recommend Approval.

18/01527/ LBC  Grove Farm Tan Lane Listed building

Recommend Officers to make decision as Listed building

18/01511/FUL Old Church Hall 7 London Road CO16 9RW. Retrospective retention of single storey rear extension.

Recommend Approval

18/01477/FUL 285a Harwich Road CO16 9PZ Conservatory to rear of dwelling.
Recommend Approval


18/01499/OUT Land at Foots Farm CO16 9SB Erection of 245 homes with supporting infrastructure

This application whilst coming under Clacton on Sea lies predominately within the boundary of Little Clacton. The application lies within the recognized Green gap as supported by the recent Centenary Way Appeal decision. Also the Centenary Way Appeal recognizes the District councils 5 year supply as being sound. NPPF states that development has to be Plan led and this application is not part of that plan. The 2007 Local Plan whilst out of date states that Centenary Way should be kept free of development, a policy that the appeal Inspector mentioned in his report.

This application does nothing to alleviate the affordable housing shortage the applicant wants to use that money to subsidise his other interest at St Osyth Priory. Since when has 106 contributions become part of a National Lottery Grant for contribution to projects that have nothing to do with the area that the application is for.

Strongly Recommend Refusal.



(ii). Determinations:




Chicken Farm Thorpe Road CO16 9RZ  


18/01139/FUL Land Adjacent Amida Betts Green Road CO16 9NH.

Erection of two chalet bungalows.

18/01111/FUL 110 Harwich Road CO16 (NU.

Single storey extension.




18/01474/DISCON Howards Nurseries Batemans Lane CO169EP.

Variation of conditions 2, 3 and 4.






LAND ADJACENT 113 Holland Road.

Variation of condition 2.


18/01224/FUL Kinfauns Vetinary Practice CO16 9LG.

Erection of single storey front extension.


Approval Full.


18/01177/DISCON Lorry Park CO16 9QE.

Discharge of 3, 4, 5 and 6.



18/01394/HHPNOT 7 Tan Lane CO16 9PS.

Rear conservatory.


Approval not required.
18/01272/OUT Land near 8a Holland Road CO16 9RS.

Proposed building of 5 new bungalows.



18/01258/FUL 36 Holland Road CO16 9RS.

Single storey rear extension.


The Chairman is to look into a report that the Batemans Lane development which is decided above, was not sent to the parish to discuss before being decided.

Councillor J Taylor proposed the comments, Councillor Smith- Daye seconded, and all agreed.

(iii) Local Plan –District Councillor Bray reported that the garden communities agreement has been signed by all Councils involved. We are just waiting for the Inspectors report now.


The Chairman stated that the website was currently up to date.

  1. TDALC

Councillor Botterell reported that there was a meeting on 26th September. The Chairman also attended with Councillor Botterell. The issues included health care in Essex, and how to make best use of the facilities. Harwich and Clacton hospitals are to merge. Harwich is to get two new wards from Clacton and Clacton will become a GP hub and clinics.  Five beds will be lost but it is hoped that more efficiencies are made. Cath Bicknell, Head of Planning at TDC spoke about the NDDF policy. Some items did make sense and it was a useful talk.


A successful summer season has now come to a close with the final Car Boot sale on 16th September and the NAWT Dog Show on 15th September.

The Football season is now in full flow with teams enjoying the now completed pavilion facilities and also making use of the new goal posts provided from Section 106 developer money.

The Youth and Community Hall is in very full use with several new enquiries in the past few weeks regarding the use of the facility. We now have few, if any, vacant slots available on a regular basis, although we are still able to offer occasional one-off vacancies.

The final coin and Collectors fair for this year will be held this coming Saturday.


Councillor De Vaux Balbirnie reported that the bollards had been installed outside the Village Hall now. The Martial Arts classes are going well. The trouble in the playground was reported in the local newspaper, hopefully it will serve as a deterrent. We are going for more grants to re-decorate the outside walls.


Councillor Balbirnie reported that the Green was looking pristine now the meadow has been cut, the lower branches cut, and the pictures and information gathered for a cork board. Thanks to the Chairman and Councillor Taylor for the information and pictures. Councillor M Balbirnie is to speak to

Gordon Evans about cutting back the bushes to show off the green to residents as it is too hidden.

  1. 13. ECC

No report this month.


District Councillor Bray reported that the application for 8A Holland Road was not called in as he felt that it would be refused anyway. He has a rising rate of Councillor call –ins lately.

The Stone Hall development had many problems with dust. Landlord fines can be as much as £30,000 now. A development in Kirby could have repercussions regarding the EN1 policy.

The new Foots Farm development will be difficult to fight as it is enabled development, as is the 245 at Thorpe Road.


The Clerk read out correspondence for the month:

EALC e- bulletins
TDC Tree Grant available
Essex & Herts Air Ambulance Grant request
Glasdon New Brochures
Royal Mail Scam Mail
Give as you live Supermarket Charity funding
LittleJohn PKF Notice of Conclusion of Audit



The up to date balances of the Councils funds were noted.

Cheques issued:  £
Kendall Plus (Village 4 & 6 Jul) 463.94
A Harmon (Bus shelter repair and bollards) 75.00
Eon (Sept) 144.31
GB Maintenance (Millennium Green) 80.00
Essex Cleaning Services 205.00
Viking Ltd (Stamps and stationery) 144.46
Kendall Plus (Village 11 & 12th Sept) 463.94
PKF LittleJohn (External Audit) 360.00
Kendal Plus (Mill Green 25th Sept) 203.20

The cheques for the month were proposed by Councillor Botterell, seconded by Councillor Smith Daye and all agreed.


The Chairman stated that some headings on our agenda were too vague and would be coming off the list. Ie. Urgent items arising.


Councillor De Vaux Balbirnie reported that he had arranged for the 1891 villagers list to be mounted and framed, and it will hang in the Village Hall for viewing for the public.

Councillor M Balbirnie reported that the British Legion remembrance service will be at Weeley 10.15am on 11th November, and Church 10.50am for an 11am service. The Vicar hasn’t confirmed the time yet for Little Clacton.  There is a Poppy Social being held at the Village Hall on 20th October 2.30 to 5.15pm. Ticket are £6. Children at the school asked to be involved, and the teachers have agreed to do something, like pictures or hangings to go around the Village. Tendring Technology College are also to be asked to get involved.

The Chairman is to speak to District Councillor Brown regarding the overgrown hedges along The Street. They still haven’t been cut.


There being no other business the chairman closed the meeting at 9.25pm.


The next parish meeting will be held at the Youth and Community Centre at 7.30pm on Monday, 5th November 2018


5th November 2018