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7th AUGUST 2017 AT 7.30 PM


Chairperson:  J Cutting

Councillors: M Balbirnie, P De Vaux Balbirnie, D Botterell, L Gray, M Reed, H Smith, R Smith, J Taylor, B Ward.            

Tendring District Councillor Bray.

Clerk: Mrs G Loach


6 residents present

Residents were given time to speak before the meeting began.

No resident issues


Apologies were received this month from Councillors J Rowland, S Rowland and J Smith Daye, Essex County Councillor Erskine and District Councillor Mike Brown.


The minutes were agreed by all and signed by the Chairman as a true record of the meeting on the 3rd July and the extraordinary meeting on 18th July.




A meeting was held with Kendall plus and Councillor De Vaux Balbirnie also attended. A frank conversation was held and we told them that we weren’t happy with their service. The end product was that we would start afresh from now, and they will credit us with 5 cuts (£1500). A personal contact number for Kendall Plus was given to the Chairman. The village is now looking good with the grass neat and short.

The Chairman hired a digger and helped with work on the Millennium Green. A good day’s work was done.

The bollards have been replaced at Parish Fields. A second company is now involved in the claim, seeking insurance compensation from the 3rd Party.

The new Parish Boards have arrived the first will be fitted on Friday. The village green board will be done within a few days.

A Business Group meeting was held and led to an Extraordinary Parish Council meeting on the 18th to agree the Parish Council accounts for 2016/17. Parish Fields trust is to be reinstated and the Parish Fields accounts are to continue being separate to the Parish Council accounts. New trustees are to be sought and a new Legal document to be drawn up.

A meeting was held with Gary Guiver, from Tendring District Council at the Planning Offices in Weeley, along with District Councillors Brown and Bray about the submission for the Local Plan. The motel site and rear of the motel site was discussed. The Chairman was not happy. The Chairman thanked the District Councillors for endorsing our concerns. The Local Plan is in its final stages now and the consultation period has ended. Our submission is to be added to the website.

Environmental Services were contacted regarding the large dirt pile in front of a house in Harwich Road. A community warden is to be sent to take a look. No response has been sent from Tendring District Council yet. A letter was received from the resident to be read out under correspondence.

Mr Bray was contacted re: Plough Corner. He has now cut back the vegetation and tidied it up.

The Chairman and Clerk attended a Finance Regulation Training morning by the EALC. It was a very informative session for both parties.

Essex County Councillor Erskine was contacted regarding the proposed pelican crossing and the pavements again. Numbers have now been painted along Harwich Road an email response has been received to say that the pelican crossing is in the system to be looked at by the LHP, an update to be given at a later date. This will be a new scheme.

In regard to the overgrown vegetation from the land in the Street owned by Mr Barrington Fuller, Mr Carter used to farm the land and keep it trim. The Chairman contacted Essex County Councillor Erskine, and he replied that Essex County Council have never chased a resident for work to be done, but they said that highways rangers have been asked. There are markings on the pavements but ECC Andy Erskine has not been able to find out anything about them. He has referred it to Mr Terry Knights at ECC.

Councillor De Vaux Balbirnie raised a point about the Motel site, as mentioned in the July minutes. The original motel site was for a motel not 30-40 houses. However, different companies have been involved since and the application has changed a few times.

A hole in the pavement outside of Swains Farm on The Street has appeared. ECC Andy Erskine has been contacted and is now involved. Liabilities are being discussed.


(a) Highways

Councillor R Smith reported that there had been an exceptional amount of heavy farm vehicles along Holland Road this month. It should settle down after the harvest season. There are planned power cuts for the Cooks Green area as the railways are cutting down their greenery. District Councillor Bray said that ‘SatNav’ systems were to blame for heavy vehicles along Holland Road and it was a known problem.


The Chairman read out Councillor J Rowlands report this month. The Little Clacton figures were back to normal levels for May, but Weeley had a notable increase. Councillor De Vaux Balbirnie reported that a PCSO was hired by Bentley and Arlesford.  Now many more crimes have been reported, including many more minor car crimes. However, there was a spate of car thefts and the PCSO followed them up through to the two parishes she is involved with. Reports have come back that she is very good. The Chairman said that he will look into hiring a PCSO for our parish in next year’s precept, and will speak to other parishes. Councillor Taylor suggested St Osyth as a good place to start.

Speed watch

Councillor D Botterill reported that he was still waiting for volunteers. The Chairman reported that the posters should be designed and added to the notice boards this week.


(a)Maintenance and Services.

The Chairman reported that the painter had finished Parish Fields Gates iron work. The maintenance man had been contacted re: prices for installing bollards all along Harwich Road. A check is to be made regarding the status of the signs and if they are enforceable still.

(b) Street lights

Councillor M Reed reported that A& J Lighting have been contacted for dates to lift the remaining columns (2 metal and 1 concrete) on the greensward in Harwich Road and we are looking at letters to be sent to the residents to keep the areas clear on 13th, 14th and 15th September 2017, after the school holidays. Some ECC lights have been repaired and all lights which are defective have been reported. A full survey will be carried out prior to the next meeting as the nights are drawing in.

 (c) Footpaths

Councillor Gray reported that all footpaths had been done, but not satisfactorily. Councillor Gray wore a hi-vis jacket and went out and cut the greenery herself.

 (d) Planning and Development

(i) Councillor M Reed reported on the following:


17/01048/FUL– 274 Harwich Road CO16 9PY. Proposed alteration to 8 apartments change of use from C2 to C3. This is against the general wishes of the Little Clacton Parish Council to Allow ‘Apartments and flats’ to be developed within the Parish. It should also be considered that if this were to be allowed then the grounds/surrounds of the property would also be subject to further creeping development.

Strongly Recommend Refusal.

17/01092/FUL – 15 Harwich Road CO16 9ND. Extension and alteration.

Recommend Approval.


17/01157/FUL – 21 Hazelwood Crescent CO16 9PB. Erection of new single storey extension following demolition of existing one.

Recommend Approval


17/01209/FUL – 21 Harwich Road CO16 9ND. Extension and alteration.

This is quite a sizable extension giving considerably additional height to the property that is not conducive to other adjoining properties. There would be an issue with privacy to adjoining properties.

Recommend Refusal.

17/0110/FUL – Amida Betts Green Road CO16 9NH. Demolition of existing building and replace with 2 new dwellings.

The site is of limited size to accommodate 2 dwellings to replace the existing property, Amida. it would give a cramped appearance not conducive to other properties within Betts Green Road. With the 5 year supply being reached cramped properties within small plots can now be considered in the wider aspect with association of other properties within that area. The issue with bats having historically roosted within the eaves of the property needs thorough investigation. Concerns regarding removal of Trees and Vegetation are not in keeping to this site.

Recommend Refusal.

17/01179/FUL – 63 Harwich Road CO16 9NE Dropped kerb. There is a public Parking bay in front on No63 which would become obsolete if the dropped kerb were to be allowed. This would create more in road parking and obstructions to the free flowing traffic along Harwich Road.  The other properties along Harwich Road have access across (legal?) the green in front of the properties and there is a growing trend to put gravel to the owners ‘drives’ as the constant access across the green has created a muddy track. The putting of these gravel pathways for the vehicles is random and defeats the Highways ruling of not putting loose surface within 6 metres of the Highway. It should be considered by Highways as they do not oppose these dropped kerbs that they should be laying tarmac from the dropped kerb to the owners driveway for the sake of uniformity, visual appeal and to comply with the ruling relating to loose surfaces in proximity to the highway.

Recommend Refusal, lack of detail to hard surfaces/drainage.


17/01004/NMA – 6 Galloway Drive CO16 9LN. Change of materials, reposition of window.

This did not come to the attention of LCPC for comment before decision and changes the dynamic of adjoining properties with which it was meant to blend with. The original application had to go to Planning Inspectorate Appeal for approval.


17/00807/FUL – 65 Harwich Road CO16 9NE. Proposed single storey side extension, side extension, loft conversion with hip to gable extension with front facing pitched dormers and rear flat roof.

Approval full.


17/00887/FUL – Chew Court 46 London Road CO16 9RN. Garage alterations and conversion.

Approval Full.


17/00766/FUL – Land adjacent 113 Holland Road CO16 9RU. Erection of new self build dwelling.

Refusal Full.


17/00947/FUL – 376 Harwich Road CO16 0HL. Erection of detached Annexe.

Approval full.

17/00815/FUL – Stone Hall 55 London Road CO16 9RB. Variation of 3 previously imposed conditions to gain planning approval.

Approval Full.


17/00695/FUL – 48 Elm Road CO16 9LP. Proposed rear extension.

Approval Full.


17/01005/DETAIL – Land North East of Tan Lane CO16 9PS. Reserved Matters.



17/00950/FUL – 15 The Street Little Clacton CO16 9RR. Proposed first floor side extension above proposed cart lodge.

Approval Full.


17/00437/DETAIL – land adjacent 2-4 St Osyth Road CO16 9RP. Discharge of condition 02.

Approval, condition discharged.


Councillor M Reed read out the determinations made by the Planning Group above and all agreed. District Councillor Bray asked Councillor M Reed to send him details of 17/01048/FUL.

(iii) Local Plan – The Chairman reported that the local plan submission for Little Clacton is to be added to the website.

(iv) Neighbourhood Plan – Nothing to report.





The Chairman stated that the website was presently up to date and if you click on the ‘f‘ symbol at the foot of the page, to take you to ‘Facebook’ there is a video of the bikes swerving along Harwich Road and other local news stories.

  1. TDALC

Councillor M Reed reported that it was NALC night and the conversation flowed with much information given and a pack to all attendees, which the Clerk sends us every month.  Funding is available but we have Councillor De Vaux Balbirnie and Councillor M Balbirnie who are very well versed in grants, due to their efforts at Millennium Green and the Village Hall, whom we can rely upon should we be looking for additional funding for projects within the village. The Chairman apologised for missing the meeting this month as he had hoped to chase up the traveller’s trespass issue.


The Chairman reported that the boot sales were going well and there was a good turnout last Sunday. It is hoped that the Boot Sale season can be continued into September if the weather lasts.  The Relay for Life on 16th July was a success.

The Youth and Community Hall is well used by many activities. Agreement from the Council is sought for the reinstatement of the trust. This will be discussed at the next meeting.

September 16th is the date for the grand opening of the Pavilion. Invites are to be sent out in the next couple of weeks to Councillors current and previous and other interested parties. A buffet is to be laid on. President of the Royal British Legion Bonnie Hill is to be invited to attend and current MP Giles Watling.      


Councillor De Vaux Balbirnie reported that the Village Hall works were going well with just a few bits to finish off. The football teams are doing well. The Caretaker was shocked when he found a body beneath the seat, but although he feared the worst, it turned out to be someone who was a bit worse for wear after a drinking session.


Councillor M Balbirnie reported that The Green is being well used and thanks to Graham and Kendall Plus the grass is being kept to a manageable level. Barley has been added to the pond so that it remains clear and throughout the summer there have been many types of birds frequenting the area and the spinney including the green woodpeckers.

Thanks to the Chairman on the digger and Ricky Hayes and his workmen, the car parking area outside The Green has been cleared and levelled and weed killer is being applied this week.

The final work of laying the stone chips will take place shortly and this will make a big difference visually as well as take a few of the vehicles off of Elm Road in the vicinity of the Millennium Green.  Two grants have been applied for, for furniture, one going through the second stage of application, and soon as I have a reply I will report to the committee. This is for 3 seats and 3 picnic tables, one with wheelchair access. These will be made vandal proof and fixed in with concrete blocks. Many thanks to all who have helped in whatever way with the Millennium Green. It really is appreciated.

  1. ECC

No report this month.




District Councillor Bray reported that a few meetings had been cancelled due to holiday commitments. The Local Plan meeting was cancelled this week too. He will advise us the new date when available. There is no result from the Centenary appeal yet. He asked everyone to be vigilant with gates as a silver BMW had been spotted driving around looking for sites for travellers to move onto.

District Councillor Bray asked the Parish to add a warning to the website regarding the private car park at Ravendale which has given out so many fines. The public need to read terms and conditions more carefully at Car parks so they don’t fall foul of the terms.


EALC e- bulletins
St James Parish Church Thank you letter for Grant
Resident in Harwich Rd Results of Reply to letter sent
RCCE Essex Village of the Year
Tendring District Council Older Persons Crucial Crew



The up to date balances of the Councils funds were noted.

Receipts: £
Bank loyalty reward 2.37
Cheques issued: £
Tendring Eldercare     125.00
Eon (Jul)    480.35
DCK Beavers (Accounts)    450.00
J Cutting reimb (Digger)      81.36
EALC training (Finance regulation training – Clerk and Chairman)      90.00
PH Schooling 1,450.00
GB Maintenance      80.00
Mrs G Cutting (Village flower displays) 94.53
Clacton Business Services (Internal Audit)     240.00
Bank Charges (Jun) 15.45







The chairman reported to the Council that a request has been received to hire Parish Fields for a firework display for Shorefield Special School who are raising money for a sensory garden. The display will be low level, and completely ticketed, and will finish early evening.

The groundsman and Mr Bellamy had already confirmed their agreement. All agreed.

He also reported that a request had been received to fly drones over Parish Fields by an enthusiast. It was suggested that a small area was cordoned off that would be available to them, so that they didn’t interfere with families or dog walkers. After a discussion, it was decided that permission was denied as Parish Fields was not remote enough and is surrounded by residential areas. Not agreed.

There being no other business the chairman closed the meeting at 9.10pm.


The next meeting will be held at the Youth and Community Centre at 7.30pm on Monday, 4th September 2017





4th September 2017