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2nd OCTOBER 2017 AT 7.30 PM


Chairperson:  J Cutting

Councillors: M Balbirnie, P De Vaux Balbirnie, D Botterell, L Gray, M Reed, S Rowland, J Smith Daye, H Smith, R Smith, J Taylor and B Ward

Tendring District Councillor Jeff Bray

Essex County Councillor Andrew Erskine

Clerk: Mrs G Loach

4 residents present

Residents were given time to speak before the meeting began.

No resident issues


Apologies were received this month from Councillor J Rowland and District Councillor Brown.


The minutes were agreed by all and signed by the Chairman as a true record of the meeting on the 4th September.




The Chairman reported that the opening of the Pavilion went well. The Chairman reported that the timing was perfect, just as Bonnie Hill had cut the ribbon and the group had walked away, the football teams moved in for their afternoon match. He thanked all the Councillors who came on the day for their help. Councillor M Balbirnie gave thanks to The Clerk and Mrs Cutting and Nicola Taylor for all their help catering on the day as well as special thanks to Councillor Gray who made a last-minute dash for supplies.

The Chairman said that a discussion was held about the joint ownership of a PCSO. The downside was the Police can re call them if they were needed in Town. The Chairperson at St Osyth is researching costs, and they were potentially up for it. No reply yet from Weeley or Thorpe who didn’t seem as keen initially.   Joy Darby from the EALC discussed ‘Specials ‘at the TDALC meeting. There is a new £500,000 fund which has been set up for Parishes to apply for up to £5000 match funded grant each. Mrs Darby was not opposed to using it towards a Community Warden for example.  A warden wouldn’t have any powers, but would be an extra eyes and ears in the village and could ward off trouble. The Chairman received information from Canvey Island Parish who sent a job description and person spec. It works well for them as someone to report incidents in the village. We would need to include any additional costs in the precept. The Chairman is to call a meeting to discuss costs at a future date.

The Chairman met with Councillor Smith-Daye and Ray Bellamy to discuss the Parish Fields Trust reinstatement.

The Chairman attended the TDALC meeting. Cath Bicknell from TDC Planning was there as a guest.  A legal challenge has been lodged against the Planning Inspectorate Appeal verdict for the Car Boot Site in Centenary Way. This is the first judicial review they have made and is very serious. The Chairman mentioned that the War Memorial needed cleaning and he asked for volunteers to help clear the area. Councillor M Reed and Councillor Ward came forward, Councillor Ward reported that the chains needed urgent repair. The Chairman said that he would ask the Handyman to take a look and fix for this year on a temporary basis. It will need a proper stonemason to fix, but this will need to be done for next year now.


(a) Highways

Councillor R Smith reported that he had concerns in the increase in traffic along Holland Road. Councillor Smith Daye reported that bollards had been knocked down by the Village Hall and the road sign at Holland Road was also down.  Councillor De Vaux Balbirnie reported that there were ‘Priority Road designs’ available to slow traffic down.  The Chairman asked if Essex County Council could do anything and Essex County Councillor Erskine explained that the Highways budgets had been halved and they could not afford to do anything.


No Report this month, figures to be read out together with next months.

Speed watch

No report this month.


(a)Maintenance and Services.

Councillor S Rowlands reported that Plaques had been done on the seat. The electrician has looked at the Christmas lights and said that they would not pass a health and safety test. The lights have glass bulbs and some are held in place with tape only. New lights are being priced – LED rope lights with low voltage, alternatively Perspex bulbs which are like those used on fairgrounds. A meeting is to be held to look at the electricity supply etc. Councillor S Rowland will get the electrician to contact the Chairman to look to rectify the problem. Councillor S Rowland enquired about the notice board at Tan Lane. The Chairman explained that money would be made available when the precept for next year was set. Kendall’s contract was also coming up for renewal. The Chairman stated that we should build into the contract all the changes that we wanted. Councillor S Rowland suggested payment per cut and not even up payments over the year.  He agreed to look at what to include in the new contract and to report back.

(b) Street lights

Councillor M Reed reported that a full survey was done at the start of September. A & J have since repaired all of our broken lights.  There are still some ECC lights waiting for repair.

The Essex County Lights are orange lights, compared to our LED ones. On the ECC website there was no icon for Feverills Road or Homing Road. This is to be followed up by the next meeting.

Unfortunately, vehicles were left when A& J lighting turned up to decommission and remove the old lamp columns. Next time we must knock on doors to ensure that residents comply, as letters were not effective enough. The Chairman suggested that all vehicles left were reported as abandoned vehicles.

(c) Footpaths

Councillor Gray reported signs missing from Grove Road. The ranger is to look at who cuts the greenery around bus stops. The area from Tan Lane along to the Rice Bridge is very overgrown. Councillor S Rowland said that they cut most areas but not the triangle with the bus stop. He also noticed that the hedgerow along the Street and at the entrance to the Land at The Street development was so overgrown it was impassable. He asked if the Parish Council could arrange for it to be cut and bill the land owner. The ECC used to arrange for the tenant farmer on the land to cut it. Councillor Gray is to contact the Footpath Liaison Officer to clear the path.

The footpath between Galloway Drive and the new Bathroom and Kitchen shop was really overgrown. However, it was cleared but the trimmings were left outside the cottage at the other end. Councillor Smith –Daye is to make some enquiries.



(d) Planning and Development

(i) Councillor M Reed reported on the following:


17/01435/FUL – Land adjacent 3 Edward Close CO16 9PR. Erection of two semi-detached houses, 1 detached bungalow.


This is over development of back land which would create loss of privacy and increased noise to number 2 and 3 Edward Close. Vehicular access to number 3 would be compromised as the access to the new development would cross over their existing driveway. It should be noted that the ditch has already been in-filled with no consideration to the potential of flooding of the surrounding area/properties. The five year supply which we understand has been achieved which gives greater consideration to refuse developments of this type.

The proposed development spreads into agriculture land outside the development boundary against Planning policy and would leave a hard edge. Planning Officers need to be mindful of TPO on oaks on the boundary of this application.

Recommend Refusal


17/01368/FUL – 2 Edward Close CO16 9PR. Proposed two storey side and rear extension with detached outbuilding. Demolition/part demolition of existing extension and garage would lead to an overdeveloped site from a 3 bed to a possible 5/6 bed leaving it cramped and out of character. With the loss of the garage and the increase of bedrooms would lead to extra parking in an already cramped cul-de-sac making access for emergency and service vehicles dangerous. There is also an application for 3 new dwellings on land adjacent to number 2 (17/01435/FUL) and this would create severe hazard by vehicular access/parking.

Recommend Refusal


17/01516/FUL – Balacamanda 174 The Street CO16 9LX. Extension of existing care home.

Recommend Approval.




17/01157/FUL – 21 Hazelwood Crescent CO16 9PB. Erection of new single storey side extension.

Approval Full.


17/01179/FUL – 63 Harwich Road CO16 9NE. Dropped kerb.

Approval Full


17/00307/FUL – Crackstakes Farm Tan Lane CO16 9PS.

Application Withdrawn.


17/01350/FUL – Land adjacent 15 Weeley Road CO16 9EN. 2 detached houses.

Approval Full.


17/01209/FUL – 21 Harwich Road CO16 9ND. Extension and alteration.

Approval Full.


16/.02108/OUT – land to rear of Holly Lodge Betts Green Road CO16 9NH. Erection of eight bungalows.

Approval Full.


17/00815/FUL – Stone Hall 55 London Road CO16 9RB. Discharge of conditions Approved
17/01048/FUL – 274 Harwich Road CO16 9PY. Conversion to 8 apartments and change of use from C3 to C3.

Approved Full.


Councillor M Reed read out the determinations made by the Planning Group above and all agreed. The Chairman is to raise a query with Cath Bicknell from TDC Planning about conditions and how Parish Council comments have ‘no weight’.  An application for 113 Holland Road was a creeping development, first 6 dwellings then a further 2 which were refused. Now these have gone to appeal.  The Chairman said he would write to the inspector.

(iii) Local Plan – The Chairman reported that there was a test case going on for the Car Boot Site in Centenary Way. There is an inconsistency of applications, sometimes the existing plan holds most weight, with the emerging plan having no weight. Sometimes it is the other way   round. District Councillor Bray said that it was sometimes confusing, but sometimes a policy in one is more relevant. The emerging plan is now moderate weight. There is a Local Plan meeting planned for the 30th October at the Princes Theatre. The date may change and he will inform everyone if it does.

(iv) Neighbourhood Plan – Nothing to report.


The Chairman stated that there was nothing to report.

  1. TDALC

The Chairman attended the TDALC meeting this month. See comments under Chairman’s report.


The Chairman reported that the football season is now well underway with both Saturday and Sunday teams enjoying the new facilities. The committee would like to thank the Council for arranging the opening ceremony by the Deputy Lieutenant Bonnie Hill MBE. JP. DL. and also the attendance by past and present members of the Parish Council.

The Shore Fields School low noise firework display in November was featured in the local press last week and arrangements are continuing.

The Youth and Community Building continues to be used daily on a weekly basis.

Cancer Research UK will be planting a commemorative tree and plaque recognising the work of the local Relay for Life group and the support of the Parish Council. The planting will take place at 11.30 am on Saturday 18th November 2017 and members of the Parish Council are invited to attend. Tea, coffee and biscuits will be available.         


Councillor De Vaux Balbirnie reported that the Village Hall work was nearly finished.  There was just a bit of decorating to do. Essex County Grant money had been received and the Handyman has put in a quote to do the barriers for the Millennium Green and will do the same for the Village Hall. The Football was going better than expected and extendable lights are now required for use up to 7pm in the evenings. Portable Lights are to be purchased.



Councillor M Balbirnie reported that all was fine at the Millennium Green – grants from TDC and ECC have both been initially agreed, from pre- grant applications. Hopefully the brown seats are to be implemented and 3 picnic tables and benches, one with disabled access.

  1. ECC

Essex County Councillor Erskine reported that lots of ECC lights had been fixed around the area. A request had been received for a speed and volume survey to be done at Harwich Road. This will be done next month. It will be useful to see where a possible V A S sign might be placed. LHP Officers (Ringway Jacobs employees) have emailed a link for their new system. Reporting issues will give you a reference number to chase up later. It should save time and effort. There is some training set up at the District Council and Essex County Councillor Erskine urged us to attend. There are many ongoing Planning and Highways issues, he does not have the answer to all.


District Councillor Bray said that TDC had had a visit from Ringway Jacobs regarding S178 and S106’s.  He said that the way the Car Boot Appeal was dealt with frustrated the Inspector and Housing Minister. Other Parishes have been contacted. It is not consistent.

The Review of Parish Councils should have been done a while back and every 5 years since. Two Parishes asked to merge and someone proposed a Clacton Town Council. A Quarter of District Councillors are also Parish Councillors. Councillor Bray is not expecting it to affect other Parish Councils. Councillor Smith Daye asked District Councillor Bray if he could make enquiries about the ‘no weight’ comment. We acknowledge that Parish Councils do have limited influence.

EALC e- bulletins
Essex & Herts Air Ambulance Grant request
Tendring District Council Grant Opportunity

The up to date balances of the Councils funds were noted.

Receipts: £
Bank loyalty reward 2.46
Cheques issued: £
Crispins Sandwich Bar ( Buffet 16/9/17 deposit ) 50.00
Mr De Vaux Balbirnie (Reimbursement for Mower) 80.00
Eon (Sept) 496.34
Kendall plus  (includes Millennium Green) 856.23
GB Maintenance 80.00
A Harmon (Plough Corner signs and posts fitting) 320.00
A & J Lighting 1,041.00
Stow Forge Fabrications ( Less £200 deposit) 190.00
Mrs G Loach (Reimburse items for Buffet 16/9) 80.00
Bank Charges 13.15


The Finances were Proposed by Councillor Botterell and Seconded by Councillor H Smith, and all agreed.





Councillor Ward reported that there were conkers and oak leaves all over the war memorial footway.

Councillor S Rowlands reported that all over the Village there were overgrown trees and bushes. If he wrote a list, could we contact the homeowners and explain that it is out of bird nesting season and trees should be cut back now. The Chairman said that we can pass the information out, and some may respond.

The Clerk was asked to write to the Church again regarding the overgrown trees being cut.


There being no other business the chairman closed the meeting at 9.25pm.


The next meeting will be held at the Youth and Community Centre at 7.30pm on Monday, 6th November 2017





6th November 2017