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4th DECEMBER 2017 AT 7.30 PM


Chairperson:  J Cutting

Councillors: M Balbirnie, P De Vaux Balbirnie, L Gray, J Rowland, S Rowland, J Smith Daye, H Smith, R Smith, J Taylor and B Ward

Tendring District Councillor Mike Brown

Essex County Councillor Andrew Erskine

Clerk: Mrs G Loach

3 residents present

Residents were given time to speak before the meeting began.

No resident issues


Apologies were received this month from Councillors M Reed and D Botterell and District Councillor Bray.


The minutes were agreed by all and signed by the Chairman as a true record of the meeting on the 6th November.




The Chairman thanked all the Councillors who turned up to help clean the war memorial for Remembrance Sunday, especially Councillor B Ward and Councillor M Reed. It was a very good service. Councillor M Balbirnie said that the British Legion had said thank you as the Memorial looked very good.  The Relay for Life tree planting event went ahead. There was a very good turnout and it went very well. The Chairman reported that the money collected at the boot sales in the summer went to their cause. The Chairman attended a Local Plan meeting with District Councillor Jeff Bray. There are issues with the numbers and the Chairman gave a statement regarding the Motel site getting bigger. This was already on the agenda. He reported that the parish was not happy. Cath Bicknell from Tendring District Council Planning gave the answer that this was not in the local plan but a parcel of land that had been put forward by the applicant. The Applicant will almost certainly say that it was part of the local plan. The Judicial review on Centenary Way was rejected and therefore falls back to the inspectorate to decide. The application is expected back in 2018.

Numbers needed to qualify for a 5-year supply of housing – it is now found that we have more than enough houses in plan. ‘Development in presumption of …’ does not now apply.

TDC is to meet with Housing ministers about planning issues.

Essex County Council have been contacted again about the pavements outside Belamacanda in The Street. It is now on the schedule to be repaired but not Weeley Road.

The electrician was contacted re; unsafe Christmas lights. He inspected them and issued a safety certificate. They are now switched on. We will look again after Christmas.

The Clerk attended the LHP meeting, and will send round the presentation when it is sent out.

The Chairman and Business group met. The Chairman has applied for S106 money to pay for goal posts at Parish Fields and it was agreed. Alan Harman is to fix the broken bus shelter.


(a) Highways

Councillor R Smith reported that a letter from the Chairman may help with the Essex County Council issues. Essex County Councillor Erskine reported that he would approach the pavements through the ‘social side’ as wheelchair users are endangering themselves by entering the road. The Chairman asked for 30mph signs on the gates. District Councillor M Brown reported that repeaters were refused in Weeley, Councillor S Rowlands suggested ’30 for a reason’ signs or ‘please drive responsibly’ instead of official 30 mph signs, which may make some people think twice before speeding.   ECC Andy Erskine suggested ‘CCTV in this area’ signs, as they deter fly tippers. But lights must be sufficient too. We can use parish owned posts to put signs on instead of highways owned ones.


Councillor J Rowlands reported that the crime figures for September were down again. There were 8 crimes for September compared to 17 for August.  As expected, everyone should be vigilant with Christmas presents on show and parties going on, be sure to check doors and windows are locked.


7. (a)Maintenance and Services.

Councillor S Rowlands reported that all the bus shelters to be done up will cost £1,900.  The Chairman said that some will be covered by developments. He said the worst bus shelter should be prioritised, and maintenance done when necessary.  Councillor S Rowland reported that he was given the run around when reporting the leaves to Veolia, but he said it was done now. A sink has been left by the Little Clacton sign, TDC were contacted. The Chairman said he will chase it up.

(b) Street lights

No report was left for the meeting, but A & J Lighting were contacted about the urgent light repair in Harwich Road. No news has been received about this yet.

(c) Footpaths

Councillor Gray reported that all footpaths were still fine including the Blacksmiths path. She reported that some tools had been made available from an elderly resident who had moved into a home, which have already been used to clear the Elm Road Path.

(d) Planning and Development

(i) The Chairman reported on the following:





Land adjacent 2-4 St Osyth Road CO16 9RP. Altering of brickwork design, reduction of eaves height and adjustments to windows and doors. Recommend Approval.




113 Holland Road CO16 9RU. Erection of one self-build detached dwelling, garage and access.


Creeping development, outside current and proposed village envelope and settlement boundaries, currently five year supply has been achieved. Out of keeping with row of newly built bungalows. Land of high agricultural value therefore utilising green gap which on the proposed upcoming Local Plan would protect such areas. No footpath or streetlighting.

Recommend refusal.




Telstar Nurseries Holland Road CO16 9QG. Proposed 6 new agricultural sheds, 4 for insect rearing, 1 for storage and 1 for cleaning process. Additional staff parking. We do have concern with the increase of heavy goods vehicles to the site and signage which is unsuitable leading to vehicles having to turn in Sladburys Lane which is unsuitable and destroys verges.

Recommend Approval.




Land N East of Tan Lane CO16 9PS. Variations of conditions 1, 2, 3 and 4. Replace current and previousl , and documents for like for like due to sale and copyright reasons.

approved drawings

Little Clacton Parish Council previously objected to the proposal, recommending refusal, nothing apart from the attainment of the five year supply has changed.

Recommend Refusal.




259 Harwich Road CO16 9PX. Proposed new dweling. This site has been subject to an application for two houses which was refused by the following; outside the development boundary and does not respond to local character and history, and attainment of five-year supply – nothing has changed to the original decision criteria. It has been noted that the proposal is for one dwelling on half of the original proposed site, just waiting for the second proposal if this is approved (creeping development).

Recommend Refusal.

17/01863/OUT 155 Harwich Road CO16 9NL. Proposal to construct 2 new dwellings.

Change to application – Name only.


Little Clacton Parish Council previously strongly recommended refusal of this proposal.

Recommend Approval

17/02009/FUL Land off Whitegates Court 58&60m Holland Road CO16 9FD, Erection of nine bungalows with parking facilities.


This is gross overdevelopment of this area of back-land within Holland Road. The traffic, noise, potential of flooding, loss of habitat etc. From what was to be small development to support the longevity of amenity of Whitegates Tennis club has become a major development within the area and is a fine example of the loss of control of planning and development within the Village, which we will suffer from in perpetuity.  You have the development at the old Seaforth Nurseries utilising back gardens which has only 1 garden left to join it all together along with two bungalows being built in the garden of number 54. The developments have been proposed so not to attract the benefits the community would have gained if it had been submitted as one. TDC Planning looks at these applications on a one by one basis and does not consider the cumulative effect it has on the current residents and habitat. We have achieved the five-year supply, the upcoming Local Plan would not support this type of development as does not the current Local Plan, all weight is toward refusing the development.

Strongly Recommend Refusal.

15/01853/OUT Land North East of Tan lane CO16 9PS. Discharge of condition 7 (turning head) and 10 (construction method statement).


We have often been told that contractors will not park on the road/verge adjacent to the site, who will manage this?

Recommend Refusal.


17/01864/FUL 15 Weeley Road. To change proposed new dwelling from four to five bedrooms and alter front windows to suit on plot 1b.


Does the allocated parking criteria change due to the increase in bedrooms? It will also increase the vehicles accessing Weeley Road.


Recommend Approval subject to above





(ii) Decisions.


103 Harwich Road CO16 9NE. extension of existing bedroom over garage.


Approval Full



190 HARWICH Road CO16 9PU, ramped access.


Approval Full.


17/01669/FUL 15 Harwich Road CO16 9ND. Extension and alteration revised.


Approval Full



Belamacanda 174 he Street CO16 9LX. Extension to existing Care Home.


Approval Full

A letter from a resident regarding a development was read out. Councillor L Gray proposed the planning group comments and Councillor R Smith seconded. All agreed.

 (iii) Local Plan – No report this month.

(e) Finance and Organisation

Councillor J Smith-Daye explained the precept, and the Chairman explained the warden funding from EALC and what he was expecting from the warden. The Chairman stated that if the grant from EALC was not successful, then the additional precept would be diverted into reserves for other village projects including speed reduction measures.  Councillor J Rowlands questioned Community Officers and how it would work for us.  A discussion was held, and the precept was proposed by Councillor J Taylor and seconded by Councillor J Rowlands. All agreed the new precept of £80,000.


The Chairman stated that all was fine at present and no problems to report.

  1. TDALC

Councillor M Reed left the following report which was read out by the Chairman:

The guest speaker at the meeting was Debbie Wildridge of the Community Land Trust East (CLT).

The aim of the CLT is to fund small groups of local residents and support the process of development of affordable housing in their local area. The group would get support on fundraising of the site, planning process and build of the new housing. The example was that if ten houses were built then two would be sold at market price to fund the building of the remaining properties, these two homes at full price could increase depending on the final total costs. The remaining homes would then be rented at say 60-80% of market value. The homes would be ‘owned’ by the group in perpetuity and never become the property of the inhabitants as some can be with Housing Associations, therefore always be available for the affordable market. If in future the market could not support the need for affordable housing they can be sold, and the money put into another project.

More information can be found under

The remainder of the meeting was open to local issues and the feeling that the area was being neglected by cost cutting remains high on the agenda.

There is also concern that a Chelmsford Motor Club was being given permission to have a series of races around the District in April 22nd of next year. It would involve road closures on the day for the chosen route.  It was generally seen as a really bad idea, I had concern that whilst the roads were closed would people dog walking etc in the adjoining fields be made aware of these cars racing at high speeds on special parts of the course. Concern was also shown that damage would be done to the verges and kerbs so who would pick up the repair bill?

The members from Elmstead were concerned that the new proposed Garden Village on the borders of Colchester and Tendring would fill the current void between Colchester and Elmstead and they would lose their identity. There will be a meeting at the Elmstead primary School, at the time suspected as being the 14th of December to allow residents and interested parties to air their views


a) The Chairman reported that Mr Bellamy had recently had a knee operation, the Chairman had looked                         after the renting of the hall – and it was being used most days in the week, with football in the fields.


    Councillor De Vaux Balbirnie reported that there were still a few gaps to be filled in – all small issues. He had heard reports that the mobile flood lights were bad, but he felt that they weren’t that bad, and they are all switched off by 7pm.  He said that there are now 40-50 children on the books for football sessions. The gates are permanently shut until the children are in school. Booking are not taken for before 9am. There is no control for the closing of school as the hall is in use and car park is open. At the end of school no one can get out of the car park due to the traffic. A Pelican crossing would still be a good idea.


    Councillor M Balbirnie reported that she met with TDC to explain where the benches were to be sited. The weather will hold it back to the Spring. Grass looks great and the whips also look great. Councillor M Balbirnie can’t tell if the bushes have been cut and the Chairman is to make enquiries.

    1. ECC

    Essex County Councillor Erskine asked everyone to report on line now for Health and Safety issues.


    District Councillor Brown reported that the Corporate Management Committee at TDC are to encourage Parish Councils and neighbouring landowners to purchase or take over the maintenance of small parcels of land. The reason is that small slivers of land are of no use to the District Council but are a financial drain regarding maintenance or are left untidy due to lack of upkeep.

    It is well documented now that developers are disputing the methodology for calculating the land housing supply and trying to almost threaten the Council with appeals on refused planning applications. Statistical data received from Central Planning suggest a shortfall in the 5-year supply. Neil Stock robustly defends the methodology and stated he had confidence in the calculations and will stand steadfast by them.

    The Local Council Tax Support Scheme will remain in place for the coming year with a ceiling of 80% discount for working age claimants.

    Two standing District Councillors were reported to the Standards Committee; one for assault and the other for carrying a fixed bladed knife in public, both offences were dealt with by the Court. The Standards board ruled that they brought the Council into disrepute.  The Outcome was that one was recommended for training and one was asked to review his position as an elected member. The sentence handed down from the Court was not large enough to trigger automatic expulsion.

    There seems to be doubt now whether boundary charges are to be changed or altered again or will even be implemented.


    EALC e- bulletins


    CPRE Countryside Voice


    Confirmation of tree planting grant
    ECC Essex Energy Switch advertising






    The up to date balances of the Councils funds were noted.

    Receipts: £
    Bank loyalty reward 1.98
    Cheques issued: £
    Eon (Nov) 126.98
    Poppy Appeal 17.00
    Kendall plus (6814) 492.10
    GB Maintenance (Millennium Green) 80.00
    A&J Lighting Solutions 98.94
    Kendall plus (inv. 6815) 1699.68
    Bank Charges 15.10


    The Finances were proposed by Councillor Smith Daye and seconded by Councillor M Balbirnie, and all agreed.


    The Chairman reported that there should be enough left in the budget to pay for the two notice boards in Tan lane and Meadowview. Councillor J Rowlands said she would forward to the clerk an email containing the information needed to re- order with a possible discount.


    Councillor De Vaux Balbirnie wished everyone a Happy Christmas and New Year from Mavis and himself.

    Councillor M Balbirnie gave thanks to the Councillors for cleaning the War Memorial in Little Clacton. District Councillor M Brown asked Councillor M Balbirnie if she could pass on thanks to the British Legion from them for cleaning the Weeley Memorial.

    Councillor J Rowlands asked how the proposed warden would get around. The Chairman explained that the details were still to be discussed, but it most likely would be by car or bike.

    There being no other business the chairman closed the meeting at 9.20pm.


    The next meeting will be held at the Youth and Community Centre at 7.30pm on Monday, 8th January 2018



    8th January 2018