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12th June 2017 AT 7.30 PM


Chairperson:  J Cutting

Councillors: M Balbirnie, P De Vaux Balbirnie, D Botterell, L Gray, J Rowland, S Rowland, M Reed, H Smith, R Smith, J Smith-Daye, J Taylor, B Ward.            

Tendring District Councillors Mike Brown and Jeff Bray

Essex County Councillor Andy Erskine

Clerk: Mrs G Loach


8 residents

Residents were given time to speak before the meeting began.


Apologies were initially received this month from Essex County Councillor Erskine and District Councillors Bray and Brown, due to other meeting commitments, but they came in part way through the meeting.


The minutes were agreed by all and signed by the Chairman as a true record of the meeting on the 8th May.


None this month.


The Chairman had just come back from the Local Plan meeting tonight for this meeting, leaving Councillor Smith-Daye to the end. The Council has the 5 year housing supply now.

The Chairman attended a meeting with Veritas and Ray Bellamy for Parish Fields. He is in receipt of the draught drawings and possibilities of what can be done.

Tenders will be sent out and a steering group will be formed to look at possible grants etc.

Not all consisting of councillors, but including some expertise from outside the Council too.

The height barriers are in, but there is some tweaking to be done. They will be a benefit in the long run.

There is an issue with Kendalls, but the Chairman will discuss it under maintenance.

The Car boot collection email has gone out, but not many volunteers have come forward as yet. The New Councillors have replied – so thanks to them.

Millennium Green weeds need cutting back. Councillor De Vaux Balbirnie done some weeding and Councillor Taylor and her husband also helped. There is still lots to be done.

There was a planning application complaint. The complainant had been on holiday when the application came up, and therefore was not able to notify the Parish council of the issues. The Parish had recommended approval not knowing there were any issues. Planning applications have a very brief time to accept comments. The Parish Council stands by its decision.


(a) Highways

Councillor R Smith reported that speed results were in from Essex County Councillor Erskine. The average speed was found to be 34.1 mph which is lower than the speed intervention level. There doesn’t appear to be a speeding issue here.

Councillor De Vaux Balbirnie reported that the pavements by ‘Hayes’ were really bad and needed some work now.


Councillor J Rowlands reported that there were 7 crimes for the month of March. The figures are back to normal compared to previous months, which were a bit higher.

Speed watch

Councillor D Botterill reported that the key part was the volunteers he needed. The police will help, they asked for the areas we want covered so they can risk assess. The training is in two weeks. The Chairman put requests on the website and facebook. He suggested we try for another month to get volunteers. The Chairman is going to try in the notice boards and maybe the Gazette.  Councillor Botterill reported that there must be a minimum of 3, and he would like to have 6 names.


(a)Maintenance and Services

Councillor S Rowland reported that he hadn’t had time to wash down the benches yet, but he intends to do it soon. A quote had been sent to the insurance for the Boards, but they haven’t heard back yet. Alan can do the bollards and boards at the same time.  He had asked if we wanted the ‘Parish Fields’ within the metal gates to be picked out in another colour, maybe gold. All agreed this was a good idea.

The Chairman reported that he thought a meeting with Kendalls would be a good idea to discuss the contract. All agreed that a meeting was required.

 (b) Street lights

Councillor M Reed reported that some lights had been done but some still need doing and columns need lifting on a couple. From the TDALC meeting it was clear that this was a problem for all parishes, they were all complaining about street lights owned by Essex County Council. On an interactive online map, which shows lights out as a red light and working lights as green, showed more red than green lights – indicating how bad the situation is. The Chairman is to email Essex County Councillor Erskine.   A&J have been contacted re lights out within the Village and to remove the columns no longer in service in Harwich road, I will re contact for an update.


(c) Footpaths

Councillor Gray reported that she had attended a 2-hour passenger transport meeting, and will look out in future if anything comes up for Little Clacton, and let us know.

She enquired about the footpath in Harwich Road, and the Chairman said that he had informed Mr Sealey the outcome and the fact that Essex County Council were the owners.


 (d) Planning and Development

(i) Councillor M Reed reported on the following:



17/00307/FUL Crackstakes Farm CO16 9PS Application for CL site.

We share the view of Highways that the access both from the road and to the site is too restrictive for use of vehicles towing modern day touring caravans, the entrance is too narrow and the splay restricted which would create a hazard as vehicles are attempting to enter and exit the site from the road. It would also compromise the privacy and noise levels to the adjacent properties. Recommend Refusal

17/00754/FUL 84 Holland Road CO16 9RS Proposed engineering works to infill pond and construction of two 3 bedroom bungalows and associated garages.

It is noted from the drawings that although the plot is associated with no84 the proposed dwellings are crammed tight to no90. The site is not suitable for two dwellings, the pond has historically been there for over 100 years and has supported wildlife during that time, bats feed over the pond, newts, toads, ducks etc used to use it prior to the developer destroying the environs making it less attractive, only a call from the Parish to Planning ensured that further destruction stopped immediately. There has been no effort to clear the site of the chippings and other debris from the felling of many trees and subsequently these have blown into the pond. The water height has been monitored by members of the Parish and even with draining illegally, the pond still exists proving that it is supplied by a natural spring and is self-sustaining. To build on it could create Flood Risk to adjacent Properties

We have sufficient land supply for the next 5 years so developments which are not sustainable can now be refused without fear of costs through appeals.

Recommend strongly – Refusal.

17/00748/FUL18 Weeley Road CO16 9EX Proposed detached house, garage and parking.

The site is on a tight corner which forms part of a double bend. The access to the property from the road would be extremely hazardous. The site is cramped and not suitable for development, practically the whole site would be occupied by the proposed property with very little outside space. The property whose garden it currently is, the proposed solution to parking and access is totally unsuitable and extremely dangerous exiting on a double bend.

We have sufficient land supply for the next 5 years so developments which are not sustainable can now be refused without fear of costs through appeals.

Recommend Refusal.

17/00736/FUL – Whitegates Lawn Tennis Club 52 Holland Road CO16 9RS Proposed replacement Clubhouse and associated parking.

It would be polite to the residents of Little Clacton that membership was a priority to those living in Little Clacton as opposed to those further afield. This would also reduce traffic movements to and from the Club and create less disturbance to the residents of Holland Road and other roads within the Village.

Recommend Approval.


17/00726/OUT – Adjacent 259 Harwich Road CO16 9PX Proposed two detached houses.

The plot is too restricted in depth to give quality outside amenity space to what are family sized properties. The site would be more suited to 2 bungalows for persons nearing/in retirement of one detached house of family proportions.

Recommend Approval


17/00766/FUL – Adjacent 113 Holland Road CO16 9RU Proposed detached dwelling with garage and vehicular access.

This is High Quality agricultural land and green gap and now part of a creeping development in Holland Road and the Parish Council has recommended refusal in those newly built adjacent to this site.

We have sufficient land supply for the next 5 years so developments which are not sustainable can now be refused without fear of costs through appeals.

Recommend Refusal.



16/01001/FUL – Stone Hall 55 London Road CO16 9RB

Discharge of conditions.

Relating to the Surface Water Drainage who would monitor and pay for the necessary Maintenance Plan to be actioned, conditions 18, 19 and 20. These conditions were put there for a reason and must remain intact.

Recommend Refusal.


17/00042/FUL – Plot 5 Betts Green Road, resubmission of 17/00042/FUL This is adding yet more brick built hardstanding to an area where we thought that the development was not warranted in the first instance. Condition that it should not be used commercial.

Recommend Approval. 


17/00807/FUL –  65 Harwich Road CO16 9NE Single storey side and rear extension, loft extension, front facing dormers and rear flat roof dormer.

Recommend Approval.


17/00887/FUL –


Chew Court 46 London Road CO16 9RN. Garage alterations and conversion. Recommend Approval.


17/00790/FUL – Land to rear of 59 & 61 London Road CO16 9RB. Land to rear of 59 & 61 London Road CO16 9RB. Proposed development of 32 detached bungalows with roads and access.

Whilst the Motel site adjacent has permission for 40 dwellings this would produce a hard landscape on entering the Village. It would create a cluster development of cramped proportions. This proposal is outside the Proposed Development Plan, an area within the Green Gap contrary to policy EN 2 and causing hard landscaping on Centenary Way our Border with Clacton on Sea. We have sufficient land supply for the next 5 years so developments which are not sustainable or suitable can now be refused without fear of costs through appeals.

Strongly Recommend Refusal



 (ii) Determinations

17/00553/FUL – 162 Harwich Road CO16 9NL.


Two storey rear extension.

Approval Full.

17/00528/FUL – 37 Leys Drive CO16 9PG.


Single storey extension and area of lead previously used for agriculture.

Approval Full.

17/00526/DETAIL – Amida CO16 9NH.


Erection of single storey bungalow. Approved – Reserved Matters, development commencement, in accordance with approved plans, retention of parking layout in perpetuity.


17/00409/LBC – Bovills Hall CO16 9DJ. Removal of attached hoods within inglenook fireplace to fit pot hanger cowl to external chimneys.

Approved LBC.


17/00437/DETAI – Land adjacent 2-4 St Osyth Road CO15 9RP.


Variation of conditions.

Approved – Reserved Matters Detailed 5.


17/00417/FUL – Lengdorf Bertram Avenue CO16 9RG. Addition of first floor accommodation car port and external works.

Approval Full


Councillor M Reed read out the determinations made by the Planning Group above and all agreed.

(iii) Local Plan – Councillor M Reed reported that local plan meeting was being held tonight, and was to agree the draft local plan. The Car boot site appeal had been heard, no one had been told. There was no result yet.

  1. iv) Neighbourhood Plan – Nothing to report.

(e) Business and Organisation Group

Annual Governance Statement

The Chairman read out the Annual Governance Statement to the whole Council.

This was proposed by Councillor J Rowlands, Seconded by Councillor De Vaux Balbirnie and all agreed.

The Chairman reported that we have received the Year end Accounts, to be discussed at next meeting.


The Chairman stated that the website was doing well and the links, such as the facebook link worked well.  Councillor Botterill enquired if he could join the admin team.

  1. TDALC

Councillor M Reed reported on the latest meeting:

ECC Streetlights – that these are taking an increasingly long time before they are repaired once out, it seems to be a common trend across the District.

ECC Highways – repairs are taking an increasingly long time to be carried out and the District is looking scruffy, not suitable for what is a holiday destination.

Excessive funds within the TDALC pot – Many items were discussed such as a quiz night, night at the pub, meal etc.

TDALC Accounts – could anyone offer to audit them, they are not complicated?

–          Councillor Smith-Daye offered to carry out an independent examination.

Fly tipping – is on the increase. It was raised that as this is a criminal offence then why are not travellers taken to task when they leave a site they also leave a mess?

Dan – raised the Speed Watch issue and requested any assistance in setting it up would be appreciated.

St Osyth Parish Council had opposed the link to Little Clacton Parish on the boundary changes.

There was no change on the Policy for travellers – the trespass law. As there was no news, the Chairman will attend the next meeting to see where we are.



The Chairman read out a Parish Fields report saying that the Pavilion extension and upgrade was now complete and the Parish Fields committee were pleased.  Although the Football league was now finished, new football teams were applying. Boot sales were going on and successful car shows were held. The Relay for life would be soon, and they had their own staff to help man the site. Thank you to all the Councillors who had volunteered to collect boot sale income.


Councillor De Vaux Balbirnie reported that all was going well. The gate was shut up now –and it was safer for all. Football was going well, for ages up to 16 now. There is a walk football team being considered. There are nice changing rooms and toilets now. It is becoming too popular and older footballers want to play but the equipment is not appropriate for mature footballers. New High definition cameras were now fitted. All booking were asked to lock the gate when finished.


Councillor M Balbirnie reported that thanks were due. Thank you to Councillor Taylor and her family for helping to clear weeds and to Graham Bush for the grass cutting of paths and strimming around the whips. Thanks to Councillor Botterill for putting up the signage, and to Councillor De Vaux Balbirnie who mended the split in the pond from the vandals. Thank you to the Chairman for helping to keep the grass down.

Otherwise other areas are looking good and the bird boxes were all being used. The Hedges were full of birds nesting. Also, moles were around and neighbours were complaining. Electronic gadgets are to be used to keep the moles in one area.

  1. ECC

Essex County Councillor Erskine reported that speed lines had been put down in Holland Road, but he doesn’t have information about when they are going out, he just gets results when it has been done. He will be the Chairman of the Highways panel for the next four years. The public were no longer allowed to attend unless invited. A petition can be presented or similar, but admission is by invite only.


District Councillor Brown reported that he was hoping that little amendment to the local Plan would be put forward. There was a police presence at Council Meetings now. District Councillor Brown is joining the General sub-committee and was suitable for the planning committee and would be receiving training. He had recently undertaken playground training – he reported that playground information had to be kept for up to 21 years. Child injuries could be investigated up to 3 yrs after they become an adult. District Councillor Bray also stated that he had left UKIP and was now an Independent, and would sit with other Independents on the Council.  As leader of the smaller group he now sits on the Cabinet. He said motion detection sensors were being looked into for fly tipping and the Local Plan will go to Cabinet tomorrow and then on to full Council. He can confirm that the Local Plan committee approved the Local Plan tonight. He said that a Section 61 dispersal order was used recently and an armed response turned up. Due to the high security alert in connection with recent national events.

EALC e- bulletins
St James Parish Church Grant Request
TDC Clacton Seafront Fun Day Advertisement
Resident email Email about the closure of Car Park re: Engaines School

Councillor Botterill proposed that the grant was agreed to St James Parish Church, for the increased amount of £2,200 as the budget was there for it. Councillor H Smith seconded and all agreed.  It was agreed to request that they cut back the overhanging trees.


The up to date balances of the Councils funds were noted.

Receipts: £
Bank loyalty reward 1.93


Cheques issued: £
Glasdon UK Ltd 185.80
Kendall Plus 856.23
Viking 37.01
Eon (May) 480.35
Tendring Eldercare 125
G B Maintenance 80.00
A&J Lighting 118.14
Kendall Plus 217.96
Homeview Surveillance 372.60
Kendall Plus* 856.23
Eurofire Ltd 267.42
Abacus Build(UK) 29,955.52
Bank Charges (May) 15.45
* This invoice was held to next month and not paid



It was reported that there was a light hanging at the top of Elm Road.

Councillor J Rowlands asked if we could do a petition to get the pavements done etc. to report to the Highways Panel meeting.

There being no other business the chairman closed the meeting at 9.25pm.

The next meeting will be held at the Youth and Community Centre at 7.30pm on Monday, 3rd July 2017



3rd July 2017