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Chairperson: J Cutting
Councillors: De-Vaux Balbirnie, M Balbirnie, L Gray, J Jeffries, A Mitchell, S Rowland, J Smith-Daye, J Taylor, and B Ward
District Councillor J Bray to 7.50 pm

9 Residents

Residents’ Issues
Plough Corner in the area of property 61 – hedging is overgrown so there is hardly any footpath area. The Chairman will investigate.
A resident asked about the ownership of the land and hedge at the entrance to Plough Corner Centre. The Chairman advised that this belonged to BT.

The Clerk, Mrs G Loach un-expectantly called away due to relative taken ill.
Cllrs D Botterell, and R Bellamy.

The minutes of the last Parish Council meeting held on 1st July were proposed a true copy by Cllr De-Vaux Balbirnie and seconded by Cllr A Mitchell. All were in agreement of the minutes being signed by the Chairman.

Cllr J Bray asked if he could speak early as was due to attend another meeting at TDC in connection with the Local Plan.
He pointed out that the workload has been heavy and there has been a lot happening. The work on weed control throughout the district has been ongoing but there are still some areas which have not been completed and also some areas which have not been swept. Cllr Bray has also been addressing residents’ issues with regard to the new itinerary for the refuse collection service, as well as meeting up with residents on the Stonehall Drive new site where, it is understood, trees are being cut down.

On planning issues, Cllr Bray is waiting to hear back from Cath Bicknell (Head of Planning) with regard to the recent approval of 4 bungalows behind 8A Holland Road. An application was originally refused on 5 bungalows based on a number of planning policies including “not sustainable”, and yet by reducing the number of properties to 4 a new application has been accepted but the same planning policies are still in place. The Chairman is to send a complaint to the Head of Planning, with a hard copy to the Chief Executive, to try and get the decision delayed in order that the administration on both applications can be checked.

The Chairman spoke on the Planning Application approved on the 4 bungalows behind 8A Holland Road and said he would deal with the complaint.

The Clerk’s job had been advertised through the EALC and two applications had already been received which were of good calibre. The closing date was 17th August and the applications would then be considered by the Business Group, as proposed by Cllr L Gray and seconded by Cllr J Jeffries, before being brought back to Committee.
Cllr B Ward commented that there were a number of Clerk positions advertised by the EALC. Was this a coincidence or was there an underlying reason why these positions were available. The Chairman pointed out that, in Ginette’s case, she needed to have more “me” time and was finding it difficult to juggle her TDC job with family life and meeting the workload that the job of Clerk entailed.

a) Letter for distribution to Harwich Road residents (Copy Attached)
The Chairman read out a letter WE NEED YOUR HELP which was to be distributed to the properties in Harwich Road, requesting help in various ways on a number of issues.

b) The Devolution money had been received by the Parish and Kendall’s had the necessary certification in place to be able to carry out minor works within the village such as pot holes, and overgrown hedgerows. It was proposed by Cllr J Taylor and seconded by Cllr B Ward that we look at getting work done on this budget.

The Chairman would comment on other matters as items were discussed on the Agenda.

The Chairman reported that PC Tony Rowntree, the new Special, had “hit the ground running”, and was doing an excellent job. On his first day attending Engaines School he had reason to book a lady for her abusive attitude as she was parked in a restricted area and today, on duty with the community speed watch team, he arrested a person who was on the criminal ‘Wanted List’ in connection with a serious offence and he was transferred to Colchester Police Station.
PC Rowntree said he had not heard of any children misbehaving in the village, nor seen any up to mischief hanging about in the centre of the village around St James’ Church but he would keep a watch. He had recently attended the Relay for Life at Plough Corner, and the Chairman confirmed that the Parish Council has received first class reports and positive feedback, and PC Rowntree is certainly carrying out work over and above what is expected of him.

a) Maintenance and Services
Cllr S Rowland reported that the benches had now been cleaned and the bus shelters could be washed down if required. The committee were in agreement to this.

b) Streetlights
Cllr A Mitchell advised that he would be speaking to AJ Lighting as there were now three lights for attention, Betts Green Road, Harwich Road and Elm Road.

c) Footpaths
The footpath leading from Elm Road had become impassable. The Chairman said he checked at the finger signpost and could not see any rubbish but apparently he was not looking in the correct place. Cllr J Cutting was to meet up with Cllrs L Gray and J Jeffries to see the situation first hand. Cllr J Jeffries will send the Clark photos showing the overgrowth.

The landlord of the Blacksmiths Arms has complained about the state of the footpath which runs behind his pub and which youths are constantly using with speed trial bikes. PC Rowntree was asked if he would kindly take a look when he was in the area.

d) Devolution
The Chairman had already spoken on this and it was agreed that Kendall’s, who had the necessary certification, would be asked to quote for various works within the village.
The next highways meeting would take place in October and the Chairman would need to take to that meeting details of payments being made by the Parish Council to ensure that the work was within the requirements laid down.

e) Planning and Development
Cllr J Taylor reported on the following:

i) Applications:
155 Harwich Road, CO16 9NL
Variation of Condition 2 of approved application 17/01863/FUL to change size and location of garage for plot 2.
Recommend Approval

2 Bovills Hall Cottages, St Osyth Road West, CO16 9DJ
Proposed two storey side extension and single storey rear extension
Recommend Approval

Beechwood, Homing Road, CO16 9LU
Proposed UPVC rear conservatory
Recommend Approval

31 Feverills Road, CO16 9NA
Demolish garage and erect a two storey side extension
Recommend Approval

ii) Determinations
36 Harwich Road CO16 9ND
Proposed single storey rear extension

Land Adjacent 15 Weeley Road, CO16 9EN
Variation of Condition 8 (Boundary Conditions) to Application 17/01350/FUL – to have 2 no. smaller individual dropped kerbs instead of one large shared dropped kerb.

The Old Vicarage, 1 London Road, CO16 9RW
Single storey rear extension, 6.36m depth and 3.68m height

30 Sunnyside Way, CO16 9PE
1 No. Oak – reduce to previous cutting points

Land Rear of 8A Holland Road, CO16 9RS
Erection of 4 bungalows
Approved – formal complaint being put forward as against a number of Planning Policies.

Cllr J Smith-Daye proposed and Cllr A Mitchell seconded and all agreed with the report submitted by Cllr J Taylor.

With regard to 19/00005/OUT (erection of 4 bungalows) the final item on the report, in August of last year an application was submitted for 5 bungalows and had been refused based on numerous planning policies but on being re-submitted in January, reduced to 4 bungalows, it was accepted but the policies were still applicable. Approx. 22 residents had written in to TDC complaining, including Highways, so the LCPC needs confirmation of why it was approved.

Cllr J Taylor referred to an application that was shown on the TDC web site today for 82 properties in Holland Road. An extension of time was to be applied for in order for the LCPC planning group to discuss.

Cllr J Taylor also referred to inconsistences with the allocation of S106 monies in the village as a majority of the money was to be spent on the Harold Lilley Playing Field Trust. We need guidelines on how the money gets allocated and a meeting with TDC Planning Officers could be arranged specifically to discuss this.

iii) Local Plan
It was hoped that following the meeting tomorrow night, Cllr J Bray will be able to advise us further on this.

f) Business and Organisation
Acknowledgement of the grant of £2200 awarded to St James’ Parish Church with thanks.
No problems with the internet.

The Chairman attended this meeting, in the absence of Cllr D Botterell, and a speaker gave a speech on Health and Well Being. The next meeting is in a couple of months time.

A letter had been received from the Air Cadets Organisation, whose lease is being renewed, and they are requesting permission to extend the use of the facilities around their Club facility and for this permission to be built into the lease.
The Chairman explained that this could open up their use of the outside facilities for a number of other uses and therefore suggested that the lease should remain status quo and this was seconded by Cllr J Smith-Daye.

With regard to the Capital Scheme planned for Plough Corner the Chairman had arranged for meetings with 3 of the preferred contractors so that the specification could be discussed.

Cllr De-Vaux Balbirnie had attended the first of the meetings with the Chairman who passed over a copy of the specification so that a quote could be prepared and forwarded to us.
The second contractor was seen by the Chairman and again the project was discussed and a specification was passed over so that a quote could be prepared.
In the case of the third contractor which had been selected, a meeting was not arranged as he advised that he was too busy to attend for a meeting and would be so for the next couple of months, (presumably appeared not to be interested in going further with providing a quote). The Chairman said that further discussion would take place with the two interested parties once we had received quotes against the specification, and work would need to be done to obtain grants to support the project.

Cllr De-Vaux Balbirnie expressed concern that the football club was becoming too big but it was good to see the youngsters making use of the facilities.
The footpath is nearly finished and, once the concrete has dried out, work will shortly be carried out on reducing the height of the hedge so that the play area is visible from the road.
Cllr B Ward asked if people with dogs were permitted to walk the field. He was advised that this was the case and there was no excuse for litter to be left on the ground as there were a number of litter bins.

Cllrs M Balbirnie reported on the Green and advised that a note had been emailed to the Clerk to update the website on this area. Photos had been taken and would be sent over in due course to go with the write-up. She had also printed off a draft of a suitable notice advertising the MG which could be sign written and installed in the region of the London Road fence line so that people were made aware of the area.

The MG is looking really good and a number of fish have been put in the pond by an unknown source. The meadow area would be cut short at the end of August and then again in November before wild flower mix was sprinkled over in the autumn.

This was given at the start of the meeting as the District Councillor had to leave early to attend another meeting.

EALC – e-bulletins received
St James’ Parish Church – Thank you
CPRE – New logo to reflect the new strategy and tone

The up to date balances of the Council’s funds were noted.

Cheques: £
Clacton Business Services 240-00
Viking 182-79
Clacton Business Services 36-00
E-on 172-42
Kendalls Facility Management 263-20
GB Maintenance 80-00
St James’ Churchyard Grant 2200-00
Tendring Eldercare 1050-00
Kendals Facility Management 532-70
G Duffet 80-00
Bank Charges July 14-45

This month’s cheques were proposed by Cllr De-Vaux Balbirnie and seconded by Cllr J Taylor, and all agreed.

Volunteers were required for collecting at the car boot on Sunday and Cllr J Smith-Daye and Cllr L Gray agreed to take on this duty.

There being no other business, the Chairman closed the meeting at 9.05 pm.
The next meeting will be held at the Youth and Community Centre at 7.30 pm on Monday, 2nd September 2019.

Chairman 2nd September 2019