Little Clacton Methodist Church

Methodist Church

In 1851 the Chapel at Little Clacton was built and opened. Before that services were carried out in a thatched cottage on the east side of the green. The adults usually filled the large downstairs room of the cottage and the children sat on the stairs leading to a room used for the storing of apples.

The Wesleyan Methodist had been holding services in Little Clacton for some time when in 1851 the present Church was built, so that by 1894 it had already been used for worship for forty-three years.

At that period the several local families who regularly attended here were still regarded as “chapel folk”, but their loyalty was respected and the little community flourished.

One hundred years ago the little building was lit by large oil lamps and it was heated by two tortoise stoves – presumably slow-burners! These were tended by a lady caretaker for the magnificent sum of 12s 6d (62½ p) a quarter.

A small orchestra provided music with violins, flute, double bass and organ and there was usually a choir.

Such was the support given to the Chapel that in 1898 it was possible to add a schoolroom and kitchen which were built chiefly by free labour, evidence of the devotion of its members.

In course of time the former Wesleyan Chapel became the Methodist Church.

Sadly it’s membership declined and the building was de-consecrated in July 2013.

The property was sold in 2014 and is now in private ownership.