Parish Cup

Parish Cup (Furrowing Cup)

This cup originated in the 1930s as a furrowing cup awarded to the ploughman who drew the straightest furrow with his horse and plough. It was first presented to a Mr. B. Lungley (1935) and so followed years 1936 and 1937. The competition obviously put aside for the war years and so it seemed was the cup for it did not appear until about 40 years later when it was discovered in the village school.

After negotiations it came into the ownership of the Parish Council. During 1986 the council decided to award to cup to the owner of the best kept garden in the village. Eleven years later this idea floundered. The cup was awarded then for a new scheme, which was the most attractive flower tub (supplied by the parish Council.) Interest in this quickly declined. The cup is now awarded to the person or organisation that had or has contributed the most to village life during the year.

The first person to receive the Parish Cup for this award was Mrs Maureen Carter.

70 years on and this cup is still playing a part (although somewhat diversely) in the life of Little Clacton.