Village Charities

The Hubbard and Harvey Charity

In 1596 the owner of Bovills Hall, Mr. William Hubbard owned a 26 acre farm at the end of Honeypot Lane on the border with St.Osyth Parish. He gave the rent from the lease of the property ( later known as Hubbards Charity Farm ) to be expended for the benefit of the poor of the Parish. The fund was managed by The Church Officers until 1894 when this duty passed to the Parish Council.

In 1944 the lease was sold for £640 and, together with a gift of £100 from Councillor Harvey the charity was renamed The Hubbard and Harvey Charity.

In 1979 the Welbeck Foundation added £500 and the finances benefit to this day from fundraising music concerts arranged by the Hubbard Foundation in memory of Mr.L.Ron Hubbard ( b.1911 ) a descendent of the original benefactor.

The charity is managed by trustees who no longer give coal at Christmas as their predecessors, but help elderly residents with a money gift towards their festive expenses.

If you think the Charity may be of help to you, or someone you know please contact one of the following Trustees:

Mr Peter Watson, The Hollies, Galloway Drive, Little Clacton, CO16 9LN