Village School

Engaines Primary School

In 1868 a parochial school was established in Little Clacton and was held in the Church Hall (now the art studio in London Road). The subjects taught, according to the Inspector’s Report of 1894, were handwriting, spelling, geography, history and needlework. The school logbook starts 4th April 1901 when there were 128 pupils.

Slates and chalks were still in use until 1906. Closure of the school was a regular event due to epidemic diseases: 1902 diphtheria (5 weeks), 1904 chicken pox, 1905 measles, 1906 whooping cough and so on. Inclement weather also took it’s toll for children came on foot from every part of the parish.

The school moved to the newly built premises in St. Osyth Road in September 1914. It was called Engaines after a local manor of this name. During 1931 pupil numbers declined, it lost it’s senior pupils to the newly established schools in Clacton and Engaines became a Primary School.

War broke out in September 1939 bringing 90 evacuee children from the east of London whereupon a shift system of education was introduced. A sudden threat of invasion caused the evacuees to be moved elsewhere. Air raid shelters were erected and these were used during daytime raids. Peace came in 1945 and to celebrate in 1946 82 children and staff visited Epping Forest on a Victory Outing.

1949 and the school now has it’s own kitchen and own school dinners although from 1943 dinners had been ‘shipped’ in from other schools in the area.

1951 to 1961 children were taken into school from Jaywick as there was no accommodation for them there. Due to increase in pupils from 90 to 286 demountable classrooms had to be added and other alterations made. Sixteen years later a school was built in Jaywick and 176 pupils went from Engaines to the new Jaywick School. Moving on 26 years (March 1993) the school became a locally managed school with governors taking over the many responsibilities taken by Essex County Council. At the end of 1994 governors agreed to apply for Grant Maintained Status. This was granted and a time of great progress followed which brings us up to date.

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