Village Walks

Village Walks and Footpaths

Little Clacton has a fair amount of footpaths and bridleways and in 2003 a new bridleway was made around Street Farm. This bridleway was extended into Holland Road at the beginning of 2005 giving another entrance. Most footpaths are cut once a year as it is assumed that walkers and riders clear them with use. So carry on walking.

PROW Id Type Description
2 Footpath From Harwich Road (midway between Blairment and Woodlands) in a northerly direction to the parish boundary with Weeley where it continues as footpath 8
3 Footpath From Tan Lane leading north-westwards and south-westwards for approximately 359 metres along and inside the northern boundary of Clacton Grove House.  This section of the path has a width of 2 metres.  Then, with unspecified width, continuing westwards a
4 Footpath From Dead Lane leading south-westwards, then north-westwards, then south-westwards to the A133 Lt Clacton & Weeley Heath Bypass
5 Footpath From Little Clacton village, opposite St James Church, leading eastwards to meet BR7 and continuing north-eastwards to Tan Lane
7 Bridleway From Holland Road leading north-westwards for approximately 190mt, along the eastern boundary of OS field 1600, to meet FP5 and BR21.  Width is 3mt.
8 Footpath From Dead Lane, north of Gidea Hall in a westerly direction through Hartley Grove to the parish boundary with St Osyth where it continues as footpath 12.
10 Bridleway Lodge Road. From Thorpe Road south of Ricebridge Cottages, south-east via Little Clacton Lodge to road north of Dairy House.
11 Footpath From Colchester Road opposite Colston Lodge, north-west along Homing Road and to Thorrington Road.
12 Bridleway (Honeypot Lane) From the Colchester Road at the parish boundary (north-west of Rosedale) south-west along the parish boundary to join BR23 in St Osyth Parish.
13 Bridleway From the main road near the Methodist Chapel , in a southerly direction for about 350 feet.
15 Bridleway From Cooks Farm in a southerly direction to Urban District Boundary.
16 Footpath From the A133 Lt Clacton & Weeley Heath Bypass leading north-westwards to the parish boundary where it continues as FP14 in St Osyth
17 Footpath 32mt of footpath, leading south-westwards from the A133 along the stopped-up section of Dead Lane, to the ford over Pickers Ditch.
18 Footpath 1 metre strip of footpath rights only, separating the eastern section of Dead Lane and BR19 from the A133
19 Bridleway From Dead Lane leading south-eastwards along the eastern side of the A133 to St Osyth Road.
20 Footpath A footpath over the pedestrian footbridge, across the A133, linking the two sections of St Osyth Road.
21 Bridleway From The Street leading north-eastwards for approximately 504 metres to meet FP3.  Then generally south-eastwards for approximately 805 metres along eastern boundaries of fields.  Then south-westwards for approximately 566 metres along southern boundary